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Natural treatment for lactose allergy

Respected Doctor, I have 1.5 Yrs old baby girl with fine health. She has actute either Milk/Lactose allergy. She is fine with ISOMIL powder (Abbott Inc).Can you suggest me any product which is Milk and Lactose free?
(April 3, 2008)

Alternative Remedy for Infant Lactose Allergy

There are a number of lactose free infant formulas depending upon the age of your child. Infant formulas that are lactose reduced or soy based in nature contain differing levels of calcium required to meet the needs of toddlers as they grow. Different ages call for different types of infant formula and hence your child's pediatrician should be able to suggest brand names available in the country you reside in. There is also special milk products that are lactose reduced to almost 99 percent. Check the market for such products and be careful to note that the lactose reduced milk products you are aiming to buy must be completely reduced, because some products are just partially lactose reduced and this may pose a problem for acute lactose intolerant cases.

Also check out for branded calcium fortified soy milk which are also available, to ensure that your child gets the daily requirements of sufficient calcium intake. However talk with your doctor about soy based formulas, as frequent or regular use of soy based milk products have not shown proven value on the prevention or management of colic.

Sometimes babies who are allergic to milk protein may also be sensitive to soy protein. Some doctors also recommend hydrolyzed formulas or amino acid based formulas as a substitute to milk based product in case of lactose intolerance.
Submitted by C N on April 3, 2008 at 06:21


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