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Natural treatment to reduce tummy fat

I am 24 yrs old. I want to know that what I can do to reduce my tummy fat & is their any way to reduce my breasts .please suggest me.
(April 3, 2008)

Home Exercise for Tummy and Breast

There are a number of exercises which can flatten the tummy and tone overall muscles. However since breasts are not made of muscle but fat tissues, it is likely that losing overall weight will cause the breasts to sag, hence toning exercises done regularly will help firm the breasts to a certain extent.

The best way to begin abdominal exercises is with head lifts, graduate to the shoulder lifts and then eventually curl ups to a great flat tummy.
  • Head Lifts - Sleep on your back with your hands to your side. Fold your knees while keeping your feet flat on the floor. Take a deep breath contract your abdomen. As you exhale slowly lift your head and when you inhale lower the head.
  • Shoulder Lifts - Do the same procedure as head lifts, except raise both the head and shoulders off the floor.

    As you use this method more often and get comfortable, move on to the curl-ups.
  • Curl ups - Lie on the back as you would with the head lifts and shoulder lifts. Entwine your palms together and place them behind the head, preferable at the nape of the neck. Slowly lift yourself forward without straining the neck. Try to make a 45 degree angle to your knees and the floor. Take care not to pull your neck forward as this might cause neck injury. Start off with curl ups for at least 10 counts and progress as you gets better.

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