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Thigh toning tips

How to reduce thigh fat!
(April 9, 2008)

Thigh toning tips

General weight loss will reduce fat all over the body, including the thighs. Hence if you are overweight an overall weight loss program will also bring down and tone the thigh muscles. The best way to reduce overall weight and especially reduce fat on the thighs is to alter your dietary habits, especially if you have been consuming too much of fatty foods. The thigh muscles can be exercised and toned by an exercise regime combining aerobic exercise two to three days in a week and resistance training the remaining three days of the week. Activities such as walking at a brisk pace, cycling, jogging, and swimming are good ways to ensure a form of aerobic exercise that helps to tone down the thighs.

There are some forms of exercises if done consistently will reap beneficial results.

These exercises specific to thigh muscles are highly effective, however if you are new to these exercises a gym instructor or certified trainer can help you to start in them. The types of exercises are:

  • Quadriceps exercises also known as lunges,
  • Hamstring exercises also known as hamstring curls,
  • Adductor or groin muscle exercises for the inner thigh also known as leg squeezes, and
  • Abductor exercises for the outer thigh also known as ballet plies
How to lose thigh fat:  

Though thigh fat cannot be seen by others it is an additional strain on the legs and especially on the knees and in our own interest it is best to get rid of thigh fat. There are certain methods on how to lose thigh fat. The best one is exercising the thighs which can be done by walking which will also help one to lose weight all over. The walk should be brisk and for a minimum of half an hour to be effective. Incline walking is more effective than walking on a flat place. For this the treadmill should be inclined and when you walk on this there is more pressure exerted on your thighs.

Lose thigh fat:

To lose thigh fat an effective weight loss diet with suitable leg exercises will help. A low calorie diet which gives your metabolism a boost is a good way to help you to get started on reducing the fat on your thighs. Do not allow your system to get dehydrated as this will lower your metabolic rate. It is best to stay hydrated while you are on a diet and exercise regime. 

Exercises to reduce thighs:

 Exercises to reduce thighs include games which will make you move around on the field like golf, tennis, badminton or squash. Another good way to tone up your thighs is to squat with weights or do leg extensions while sitting on a chair. Swimming and skipping can be fun and also help you to have slimmer thighs.  Most people who have fat thighs also end up with fat legs so if you want to know how to get skinny legs then follow the same exercise pattern as for fat thighs. 

 How to lose thigh fat fast:

  To know how to lose thigh fat fast you will have to do a combination of leg exercises along with a sensible and balanced low calorie diet. Aerobic exercises are good for strengthening and toning the muscles and this includes the thighs and the arms. If the fat is not evenly distributed then just dieting will not help your to lose weight in a particular spot, instead you will have to work on those spots with exercise to trim them up. 

 How to lose inner thigh fat:

   Learning exercises if you want to know how to lose inner thigh fat are those which make you exert pressure on your inner thighs. One such exercise is to sit on the ground and put your feet on either side of a chair, now push your legs together as though you want to push the legs of the chair closer. Do these at least 50 times while sitting and with your back erect; your hands must be placed on the floor on either side of you. 

 Inner thigh exercises:

Inner thigh exercises are required more by women than by men as this is a troublesome part of the body in most women. Some exercises which will help you to tone up your inner thighs are sitting with your legs as far apart as possible and then try to strain them further, you will be able to feel the inner thighs straining; side step lunges, forward lunges, leg lifts and scissor kicks are effective exercises for inner thighs.  

 How to burn thigh fat:

  If you want to know an effective way of how to burn thigh fat then start walking as much as you can instead of using the vehicle and using your leg power more than anything else. You will soon find your legs and thighs getting shapelier and toned. 

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