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Exercise and diet for weight loss

How to loss weight gained due to hypo thyroid, please mention the diet to be followed and the exercise that has to be done specially for abdomen, thighs and buttocks?
(April 9, 2008)

Exercise and diet for weight loss 

With hypothyroidism it is important to know that the kind of foods you eat or the diet you follow can help to restrict the symptoms, and at the same time also help in controlling the weight. The weight gain is one of the most common symptoms of hypothyroidism and for some people it can get very difficult to shed off those pounds with this condition. There are a number of vital nutrients and foods that a diet for hypothyroid must contain. But then again, there are specific foods that should be avoided as far as possible.
A diet meant for hypothyroidism must contain whole grain based food products, fresh natural foods, plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and an abundant supply of seafood along with lean protein. Fatty substances and meats must be avoided.

Selenium is an important mineral and nutrient for patients with hypothyroidism. Selenium is a trace mineral and an antioxidant which is also necessary for transforming the thyroid hormone your body produces, known as T4, into its active form, known as T3. Selenium is found in abundance in Brazil nuts and in some lean meats. Avoid starchy foods such as potatoes, corn, white rice etc. Do not consume raw foods like cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, peaches, pears, strawberries, radishes and millet as the above mentioned foods can increase the individual's chances of building up goiter.

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