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Dietary advice for peptic ulcer

Diet food for adolescent ulcer patient
(April 4, 2008)

Causes and Treatment for Peptic Ulcer in Adolescents

Peptic ulcer in adolescents is attributed to stress, improper eating or infection. Peptic ulcer is a sore or injury on the lining of the duodenum, caused due to increased acid secretion. Helicobaacter pylori infection also leads to ulcer. A burning pain in the stomach is the typical symptom. Antibiotics are used for H.pylori infections.

Alcohol and smoking are avoided, as they increase the regurgitation of stomach contents, thereby increasing the acid secretion. Spicy and acidic foods are restricted.

Antacids and other over-the-counter drugs are available to decrease the associated pain. Skipping breakfast is not allowed. Small meals are eaten at frequent, meals, instead of three large meals. The gap between your dinner and breakfast is quiet long and might aggravate the condition. Certain medications also increase the risk of ulcer. If you are on any kind of medication, check out the relation between the drug and your condition. Milk is an excellent solution to reduce the risk of ulcer. A glass of milk, at brunch and post dinner proves beneficial. Vegetable juices are also helpful in healing the condition. Sticking on to regular meal timings help to a great extent. Banana mashed in milk is effective against ulcer. Visit your physician for more help.
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