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Question on eating boiled cauliflower

How many boiled cauliflowers can i eat per day?
(October 12, 2010)

The human diet is an important factor for the health of the individual because of the ability of the individual to change the diet to suit his or her body condition. A balanced diet will ensure that the body is properly fed both in terms of quantity and in terms of variety. The human body requires many different nutrients for it to be properly nourished. Modern diets often tend to provide the body with high quantities of certain nutrients while ignoring other vital nutrients. This can lead to several health problems over a period of time.

This is why most nutritionists suggest a diet that is varied in its spread. Fruits and vegetables are extremely important for a good diet. The consumption of such foods is known to help with cholesterol related problems. There are also suggestions that the risk of certain cancers is reduced when such a diet is used.

Cauliflower is a vegetable that is used for its great nutritional value. The part of the cauliflower plant that is actually consumed is the flower which is the white part that appears in the center surrounded by leaves on the sides. Most varieties of cauliflower have a white flower while some may have orange or purple flowers. Cauliflower is closely related to broccoli and has a similar appearance, taste and smell as this related plant. Broccoli remains green in color while cauliflower becomes white as it matures. The leaves of the cauliflower plant protect the flower from sunlight which is why it retains its white color and does not turn green.

This plant is available with bunches of flowers that are often extremely large often weighing more than 2 pounds or 1 kilogram each. A single bunch can be used to prepare a meal that can serve up to 6 people.  The flower of the cauliflower plant is eaten whereas the leaves are usually discarded. Often, the leaves are used while preparing soups or vegetable broths. The flower itself may also be used for the preparation of soups with the broth from the boiling process being used as a soup with the flower served separately.

Cauliflower is an extremely nutritious vegetable and is used regularly in many cuisines. Cauliflower is now present across the globe and is not restricted to any geographical boundaries. The flower can be eaten raw, cooked or steamed. It is often produced in dishes with other vegetables. The nutritional value of cauliflower makes it an important vegetable to consume. Cauliflower contains natural fiber which is always useful to ensure the efficiency of the digestive system and the digestion process.

Cauliflower nutrition includes vitamin C, folate and complex carbohydrates. A single serving of cauliflower can provide an individual with as much as 40% of his or her daily requirement of vitamin C. Cauliflower also provides the individual with small amounts of iron, calcium and protein. Cauliflower has also been proven as an effective antioxidant. The calorie content of cauliflower ranges from 15 to 20 calories per serving of about 50 grams of the vegetable.

Submitted by S M on October 12, 2010 at 02:14


Boiled cauliflower is healthy, but without spices can be less palatable. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables is a very good idea to maintain health. But variety should be the key as only one vegetable will not provide you all the nutrients. Along with one or two servings of cauliflower include a variety of other fruits and vegetables to meet the requirements of all the vitamins and minerals.
Submitted by S M on August 6, 2007 at 07:29


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