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Importance of breakfast

What is the reason for having those nutritious foods in breakfast?
(December 30, 2010)

What is the importance of breakfast?

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” is probably one of the most common phrases you’ve ever heard. This is because most health experts often go on and on, about breakfast and its importance, for people of all ages. As the name suggests, when you eat breakfast, you “break” the “fast” that your body was going through, during the night. In general, after dinner, the human body generally goes without food, for an approximate period of 9 to 11 hours or so. Hence, when you wake up in the morning the level of glucose in your blood will be at its lowest, as compared to any other time of the day.

Glucose can be described as the basic fuel that your body and your brain require in order to function properly. This level of glucose is usually replenished after you eat something. Therefore, eating a good breakfast first thing in the morning, before beginning your day, is as important as adding fuel to a car that is low on gas, before starting on a long journey.

Unfortunately, breakfast is not only the most important meal of the day, it is also the most commonly skipped meal of the day. There are several people who avoid eating breakfast, due various factors, such as hectic schedules, lack of an appetite in the morning, running late, and so on. One of the main reasons of this could be the fact that most people do not realize the importance of breakfast completely.

The importance of breakfast

There are some people who realize the importance of breakfast, but do not have the time to cook in the morning. Fortunately, there are hundreds or maybe even thousands of different breakfast ideas, which are high in nutrition, but take only a few minutes to put together. Alternately, it is absolutely fine to save some leftovers of the night before, or cook something the prior evening and keep it in the refrigerator, for the next day. People who are very health conscious make it a point to at least grab some fruit if nothing else, in the morning, before they get started.

The importance of breakfast for children

There are some children, especially those of school-going ages that do not have an appetite and cannot stomach anything, before they go to school. There are several parents who allow them to skip breakfast, probably because they do not want to force the child to eat. However, these parents generally underestimate breakfast’s importance for kids. Studies indicate that children who eat breakfast on a daily basis perform better in almost all aspects of their school life. Given below are some of the tips that highlight the importance of breakfast to academic performance in children:

• Better performance on mental tasks and challenges
• Fewer behavioral problems in school
• Higher grades, especially in subjects like math
• Improved performance on standardized tests

Apart from the importance of breakfast on academic performance, there are several other reasons why children should eat breakfast on a daily basis. Given below are some of the facts that highlight the importance of breakfast for kids and students:

• Children who do not eat breakfast are less active and burn fewer calories in the day
• They tend to be hyperactive, which affects their performance in school, especially when it comes to subjects like math
• They may feel low on energy and lethargic, which could cause them to miss school on occasion, which will eventually affect their grades.

Therefore, it is absolutely essential for parent to realize the importance of breakfast in our brain and make sure that their children eat at least something, like a bowl of cereal, some milk and a piece of fruit, before they begin their day.

The importance of breakfast for teenagers

Studies indicate that an alarming 33% of teenagers do not eat breakfast everyday. In fact, according to the findings of similar studies, most teenagers have unhealthy eating habits and skipping breakfast could be one of the root causes. Therefore, most teenagers can avoid reaching out for sodas, burgers, candies, pies, cakes and other junk food, if they begin their day with a substantial breakfast, which keeps them full.

Importance of breakfast for adults

In today’s world, juggling a demanding job, family and the house has become very common, especially in women. Many people leave home early in the morning, so that they can reach work on time. In such cases, grabbing even a simple bowl of cereal before work may seem like a difficult task. However, breakfast can provide the body with energy and can also increase a person’s concentration and focus. These factors usually result in better professional performance.

Importance of breakfast and weight loss

Some people who are trying to lose weight mistakenly believe that they can do so, by skipping meals. As a result they tend to miss the first meal of the day. However, this leads to hunger attacks during the later part of the day, which could also result in overeating during lunch. Moreover, breakfast importance includes metabolism too, as the consumption of food first thing in the morning can kick start a person’s metabolism. Therefore, in case you do not eat breakfast, your metabolism remains low until lunchtime, or whenever it is that you do eat. Therefore, you can lose more weight by eating breakfast, than skipping it.

Importance of breakfast for athletes

Most of the top professional athletes and sports personalities understand the importance of breakfast and avoid skipping this meal. This is because most athletes spend several hours a day, engaging in strenuous physical activity. Beginning the day on an empty stomach could lead to dizziness, stomach gas, lack of energy and other similar problems, which cab lead to poor practice and performance. Therefore, to avoid situations where athletes feel low in energy and cannot work out properly, it is absolutely essential for them to eat foods that will boost their energy levels first thing in the morning.

The importance of breakfast in the morning like a king

Another common cliché that health experts usually use, when talking about breakfast importance on the health, is that most people should “breakfast like a king”. This means that breakfast should be the heaviest meal that you eat, since it provides your body with the fuel to keep going through the rest of the day. Hence, it is best to make sure that your breakfast consists of dairy products, cereal, fruits and either eggs, sausage or other sources of protein

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Importance of breakfast 

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It considered in simple terms it is also said as break the fast. The gap between the dinner and breakfast is long and if the breakfast is skipped our brain may get required glucose thus affecting its functioning. Studies suggest that children who have breakfast regularly tend to be active and have better concentration and are alert than children who skip breakfast. Their academic performance and physical performance are better than those who skip breakfast. It reduces the tendency of an individual to snack frequently.

A healthy breakfast is essential .It should contain all the nutrients in balanced amounts. Generally a breakfast tends to be rich in cereals, moderate in protein and low in fat with small amount of fiber.

If you check the list of breakfast,
Cereal porridges, pancakes, preparation made with cereal and pulse combination, cereal and vegetable combination, milk and cereals with fruits, bread with butter or jam or sandwiches,

These are combined with milk, hot chocolate, tea or coffee or fruit juices. A fruit can also be taken to complete the course.

Skipping a breakfast can make a person drowsy and lethargic and have a slower reaction time.

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