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Blood Type Diet

What are the benefits of Blood Type Diet?
(April 10, 2008)

Blood Type Diet 

Genetic inheritance results in a certain kind of reaction between the food eaten and the blood. Lectin is the factor responsible for this kind of a reaction. These are certain proteins present in foods, which are found in large quantities and possess agglutinating properties. These, in turn affect the blood. If certain lectins in foods are incompatible, it results in the targeting of a particular organ, thereby resulting in agglutination of the blood cells of that area or organ.

Every type of lectin are area specific. Lectins in the diet are not fatal, at most times. An array of health problems are seen to occur, in case of specificity to a particular blood type. Majority of the dietary lectins are eliminated, whereas five per cent of them enter the bloodstream resulting in various reactions.

Three categories of foods are seen in this diet, namely, foods that are disallowed (those that are poisonous), foods allowed (those that are harmless) and foods that are highly beneficial (those that have medicinal properties). The dietary recommendations to each blood group vary. 'A' blood group people are recommended a vegetarian diet, devoid of red meat. Blood type 'B' thrives on dairy products and AB group is an intermediate of the two. 'O' group people eat a diet rich in meat. No established benefits are seen. No kind of influence on the health or weight of an individual is seen.

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