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Cabbage Soup Diet Pills

Is this of any use Cabbage Soup Diet Pills. How will this help me to lose weight?
(April 10, 2008)

Cabbage Soup Diet Pills 

As the name has it, cabbage soup diet pills are dehydrated and powdered cabbage soup. It is a convenience approach, wherein the effort of soup preparation is negligible. No hassles are involved. Cabbage soup has been used for decades to provide satiety and reduce the hunger. Commercially available pharmaceutical stimulants are better avoided, as these pills are available.

The ingredients of the soup, in other words, the pill act as anti depressants.

It is a natural way of losing weight. Certain homeopathic medicines added to the same enhance immunity and aids in cleansing of the digestive system. They are safe and effective, though this site fails to provide any assurance regarding such products. The results may vary according to each individual. It is generally recommended half an hour, prior to bed. A capsule of powder is equivalent to a bowl of steaming and healthy soup. There are added homeopathic ingredients that prove helpful.

The making and drinking of the soup, spoon after spoon is not seen. The heat inside the stomach converts the pill into a bowl of soup. The appetite of the individual is suppressed and thereby indirectly contributes to weight loss. It is an easy and convenient form of weight loss in a nutshell.

Submitted by E L on April 10, 2008 at 07:51


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