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Fat Burning Diet Pills

Need advice on Fat Burning Diet Pills. Do you know anything about it?
(April 10, 2008)

Fat Burning Diet Pills 

Certain fat burning diet pills available commercially are of no use. A stimulant of the central nervous system, named ma huang or Ephedra is the active ingredient in these fat burners. An array of adverse effects are reported, which includes seizure or fits, coma and at times, it becomes, life threatening. Heart attack is also common. Certain fat burner pills comprise of herbs, such as dandelion and uva ursi.

These herbs exhibit anti diuretic properties that result in weight reduction through water loss. Fat loss is not seen in such cases. Fat burner diet pills also might contain amphetamine like compound. They have life threatening effects and affect the heart. Fat burners are not a healthy way of weight reduction. In certain cases, weight gain is seen instead of weight loss. Few side effects of fat burners are depression, heart arrhythmia or irregular heartbeat, hypertension or increased blood pressure, stroke or heart attack, nervousness and insomnia. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) fails to approve products that comprise of such fat burners. Always, remember that unbalanced diets, siet pills, fad diets, surgical methods and any other weight loss technique fails to provide permanent remedy. A strict dietary regimen with exercise and modifications in lifestyle is of great help and proves beneficial.

Submitted by E L on April 10, 2008 at 07:52


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