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Weight Training Diet

What are the health benefits of weight training diets?
(April 11, 2008)

Weight Training Diet

Weight training diet is essential for athletes and people in the sports field. The choice of the right kind of foods helps in preventing flab and helps in the enhancement of muscle mass. Proper hydration with a healthy diet is the principle of a weight training diet. Nourishment and proper hydration is essential as dehydration through perspiration is seen. Resistance training is necessary for a good and toned body.

Weight training helps in providing a number of benefits, namely lower cholesterol, decreased blood pressure, and improved posture, prevention of muscle weakness, enhanced muscle toning resulting in a better physique, reduction of stress and prevention of atrophy.

An effective workout calls for a balanced diet. Sensible eating or a proper diet is the principle behind training weights. Crash and fad diets are avoided, as they result in loss of lean tissue and less of fat. Low fat cheese and crackers, carbohydrate based bars, fruits and yoghurt and smoothies made at home are helpful as weight training diet. A glass of liquid is essential with every snack or meal. Two to three cups of water is recommended two to three hours prior to weight training. Follow this with a glass of water, 15 minutes prior to workout.

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