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Weight Training Workout

Hello there, how will a weight training workout help? could I benefit from it?
(April 11, 2008)

Weight Training Workout 

Weight training has been beneficial in reducing weight and managing through various disorders. Before a weight training session is done there are certain points that need to be considered for a proper workout:

Get a thorough health check up done. Take a help of the doctor and the trainer. If the person is already suffering from certain disorders then precautions will be taken accordingly.
Get into gear. Buy comfortable solid shoes that have non slip soles.

Do not select shoes that are high in heels, instead refer shoes that can help in planting the heels firmly on the ground. Select the clothes that are comfortable, not too tight nor too loose.

Give time to each and every session. You need to do each and every exercise gradually and avoid too much of strain on the work outs in the initial stages. Increase the number and the speed of the work out slowly depending on the body's capacity.

Considering these points, when workouts are being done there are certain advantages that cannot be overlooked which are:

Weight loss: Burning of fat is principle under this weight loss. Weight training results in extra muscle mass. This muscle can increase the burning of energy than the body fat at rest. Thus development of muscle mass can increase the burning of calories and body fat as a result. High intensity weight training workouts can lead to increase in metabolism during the training as well as when the training is over. Thus there is burning of fat during the exercises as well as for few hours when the exercises are over. But we should be able to sustain to such high intensities to gain advantage on fat burning.

Reducing Diabetes: Weight training techniques help in reducing type 2 diabetes. It can reduce the abnormal blood glucose thus using it from the blood and storing it in the muscles as glycogen. This can also make the insulin sensitive. Extra muscle mass that is being formed can lead to increase in storage of glucose in the muscles .This regular processing of the glucose can help in preventing type 2 diabetes.

Preventing osteoporosis: Exercise of right type help in pull up the muscle and the tendon on the bone allowing the bone cells to produce more bones. The lead can be created by our own body weight or by using weights like dumbbells in a weight training exercises. It enhances the stability and balance thus preventing falls and fractures.

For competition and sports: Weight training can be useful in helping the person to prepare themselves for sports like body building, powerlifting,weight lifting. Different equipments are available for different sports. It can also enhance the strength and power of the individual.

Submitted by A V on April 11, 2008 at 05:50


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