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Weight Training

What is the best Weight Training - any information on this?
(April 11, 2008)

Advice on Weight Training 

Weight training is an organized form of exercise in which the body muscles are forced to contract using weights under tension. Body weights and other devises can be used to stimulate power, endurance, growth and strength along with weights. It is also called as strength training or resistance training. Best weight training would be the one which has combination of FITT that is Frequency of the training, Intensity of the training, Time spent per session and Type of exercise done. Different weight trainings are available according to a persons need like strength building, muscle building, endurance building and power building.

Before starting a training program it is very important to set a goal and choose the muscle group which has to be trained. It is essential to know how much weight you can lift for that a personal test can be carried out. Pick up a light weight and do simple warm up exercises of your choice for 10 minutes. Then increase your weight to 5 or more pounds and perform the exercise with the goal number of repetitions. You can choose heavier weights for larger muscle groups like back, chest and legs, but for the smaller muscle groups you will need smaller weights. It would take a while to decide the right amount of weights for a particular exercise. 

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