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National Eating Disorders Association

How is National Eating Disorders Association helpful to me?
(April 15, 2008)

Advice on Eating Disorder Association

People with eating disorders have a complex etiology which is based on various other factors like psychological, emotions, social and cultural besides involving food and weight. These individuals often suffer in silence for long term as there is a sigma associated with them and the symptoms are not clear for many months long. Also there is limited funding for crucial research and findings which often act as a barrier in the effective treatment. As low level of information is made available the professionals and public fail to identify the dangerous consequences of any eating disorder. Recovery is definitely possible with available help, guidance and treatment for most of the people suffering from eating disorders and that's where the major role of any national eating disorder associations takes place.

These associations mainly work on a non-profit goal to educate the person and his/her family with different types of eating disorders. This can help in identifying ones own disorder and start working towards it. Various workshops are set up which involves audio visual aids, posters, consequences of eating disorders and also testimonial from their previous members who successfully recovered form a particular eating disorder. These organizations are supported by lot of donations and sponsors and also volunteered by many professionals.
Submitted by S M on April 15, 2008 at 06:23


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