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Diet Chart for Different People

Can i have a chart of balanced diet for different age groups
(October 19, 2010)

There are a lot of reasons that you should opt for a healthy and regular diet plan. A balanced diet is usually one that comprises of healthy and diverse foods. These foods are vital in promoting good health and therefore, are necessary for our bodies. Researches continue to prove that a healthy diet is the basis of a healthy body and mind. A diet chart can help pick the healthiest of foods so that you can remain healthy.

There are foods that can aid the metabolic functioning of the body, helping you keep fit as well as healthy. If you are feeding on the wrong kinds of foods, it can lead to accumulation of toxins, which can further lead to the breakdown of the systems of the body. When the organs of our body begin to be affected due to poor nutrition, we may become frail and may eventually even lose our mental acuity. When you follow a healthy diet chart, you can save yourself from a lot of diseases such as anemia, diabetes, coronary heart disease and even cancers.

A diet chart can successfully help you get rid of diseases that affect your body and mind. There are a lot of health conditions that may get aggravated due to the foods that we eat. There are also foods that can help us improve any pre-existing conditions. All of this is vital for our body to remain healthy and therefore, consulting a daily diet chart to ensure that you continue to have healthy foods is a good idea.

Any health clinic can give you a free diet chart that outlines the basic food groups and the calories that each of these foods can provide. Such a healthy diet chart can help you plan your meals better so that you and your family remain healthy. Often, we know what foods we should be consuming, but are not sure of how to combine them into meals to get the maximum nutrition from them. A diet chart can help in determining not only the best meal combinations, but also the best ways to cook these meals as well as the portion sizes.

A diet chart will help you pick from the major food groups. It is well known that there is no single food group that can nourish the body on its own. However, when you consume a varied variety of foods, the nutritional needs of your body are better met. The five main food groups from which foods are selected to make healthy meals are fruits, cereals and pulses, vegetables, poultry, dairy, and fish and meat products. Since there are five major food groups in all, your diet chart ensures that you have a healthy variety of foods and receive all the nutrition you require.

Your diet chart should always have meals that comprise portions from all of these food groups. A healthy mix of these foods ensures that you have all the essential nutrients in your body, along with minerals and dietary fiber. Apart from the food itself, it is also recommended that you consume lots of water as it is also important to keep your body well hydrated.

Submitted by A M on October 19, 2010 at 05:41


Planning a day’s diet depends on various factors like sex, weight of a child or an adult, his/her physical activities, present daily intake, likes/dislikes and lifestyle of a person.
To include all the macro and micro nutrients like carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and fiber it is important to emphasize on a balanced diet. Given below are the healthy tips that would improve a person’s nutrition.

  • Eat small frequent and healthy meals instead of 2 large meals.
  • Emphasize on whole cereals, whole wheat and its products, pulses and sprouts.
  • Encourage milk and milk products, lean meat, de skinned chicken, fish and eggs in moderation.
  • Include lots of fruits and vegetables in different forms. Try to incorporate at least one green leafy vegetable daily in any meal.
  • Avoid too much of junk foods, fried/oily foods, sweets, chocolates, pastries, cold drinks. It is obvious that all these listed foods to be avoided will be favorite foods of most of the people, but it is important to learn the key to moderation to remain healthy and fit.
Submitted by S M on September 13, 2007 at 01:34


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