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Tea Diet

I heard of tea diet. Does anyone have any more details?
(April 20, 2008)

Information on Tea Diet

Green tea diet has an array of benefits which include weight loss, warding off Alzheimer’s and fighting flu. Onset of Alzheimer's is delayed by the consumption of green tea. Three chemicals hindering the thought process, namely, beta secretase, acetylcholineesterase, butyrylcholineesterase are inhibited. The metabolism and oxidation of fat is increased by the consumption of green tea. The gamma-delta T cells are triggered, which help in developing immunity against viruses, thereby warding off flu.

This is attributed to L-Theanine, a component of green tea. Gargling with green tea covers the mouth region with catechins, thus helping fight toxic viruses. Thirty per cent of weight of green tea comprises of catechins, which aid in weight loss. It helps in expenditure of energy, suppression of appetite, inhibition of lipase and increasing the excretion of fats.

Antioxidants in tea help in preventing degenerative disorders, such as cancer. This is done by their free radical scavenging activity. Polyphenols and flavanoids of tea have a great affect on the immune system. Topical application of green tea proved beneficial against skin cancer. Fluoride and other minerals in green tea help ward off cavities. Absorption of cholesterol is decreased, thereby making it heart friendly.
Submitted by E L on April 20, 2008 at 11:49


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