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Weight Gain Products

any reviews opinions on weight gain products. Studying this for some time, please reverts with any help?
(April 24, 2008)

Weight Gain with Exercise and Diet

Weight gain products are designed to develop lean mass and not fat in the body. It should be user friendly, cost effective and easily available through out the year.

These products should be specific for the function that it needs to perform. However weight gain can be achieved easily if we consume right foods in right amounts, perform daily exercise and have supplements that can enhance the daily diet.

Eating to gain calories is essential. It is necessary that the intake be higher than the expenditure. Consume 5 meals a day.

Have high dense carbohydrates like grains, fruits with high sugar content. Best quality protein needs to be consumed like eggs, milk, soybean, pulses and legumes. Ample amount of fruits and vegetables need to be taken. Plan the meal according to your needs and liking.

Work out are essential in gaining muscle mass rather than fat. Work out should be done at least 3 times a week. Concentrate on work outs like chin ups, dead lifts, squats and bench press. These can convert the extra calories to muscle mass.

Certain nutritional supplements are available that can increase the weight, These supplements can be consumed in the form of shakes or with water. It is easily digestible and highly calorific. Supplement like creatine monohydrate can be useful for enhancing weight within short period of time.

Thus a combination of diet, exercise and supplements can be useful for effective weight gain.
Submitted by A V on April 24, 2008 at 01:35


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