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Effects of Eating Disorders

What are the Effects of Eating Disorders? Thanks in advance for your answers?
(April 24, 2008)

Information on Eating Disorder

Anorexia and bulimia are one of the common eating disorders but apart from that other disorders like binge eating disorder, food phobias are also rising and affecting the individuals.

Fear and depression are two reasons which lead to development of these disorders. An individual’s urge to avoid gaining weight can be dangerous. People with anorexia restrict their diet with a view to maintain normal weight. If this not possible they may exercise excessively of forcibly vomit or use laxatives. Bulimia involves consumption of excess food especially junk foods.

They do not have control over eating and they keep on consuming till they fill the stomach. Then they vomit it out or exercise excessively to lose weight.

People suffering from anorexia may become thin, frail and malnourished. They tend to avoid certain foods like milk, desserts or yoghurt may fear of gaining, have a distorted shape and size, avoid social gathering and tend to be introvert, may be lethargic.

People suffering from bulimia can be normal weight or obese. They may fear weight gain and are unhappy with their body shape and size. They are involved in consumption of laxatives or exercising excessively. They may avoid social gatherings or functions, are depressed and frustrated.
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