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Media and Eating Disorders

People with Eating Disorders are not friendly and social. They are usually isolated - any information on this?
(April 24, 2008)

Information on Eating Disorder and Media

People suffering from eating disorders are obsessed with weight loss. They are always wanted to lose weight and have a feeling that they are becoming fat and obese. They tend to be introvert and unsocial and avoid social gathering or functions where food is involved.

Children and adolescents spend most of the time watching television or reading magazines. From childhood itself, they get an impression that appearance makes a lot of difference. People prefer healthy and cute children rather than fat or obese ones.

Adolescents get influenced very fast through media. When they observe that their famous models or super stars are thin and beautiful, they get a notion that becoming thin is beneficial in order to become famous and popular. Apart from this, media also show benefits of healthier lifestyle where the person can live longer if the person is healthy and the dangers of obesity which leads to various problems. It is shown through media that fat persons are lazy and lethargic and thin persons are active and happy. Even the show businesses like film industry and modeling agency prefer thin and anorexic girls rather than healthy girls.

It is very much essential that adolescents should not get affected by media. Rather than spending time in watching television or before computer, encourage them to go out and meet people or involve in various social activities that can improve their social development.
Submitted by A V on April 24, 2008 at 09:39


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