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Natural Cures for Migraines

Why migraine patients are adviced to avoid cheese
(May 11, 2010)

A migraine is generally defined as a common headache which in extreme cases may be accompanied with vomiting, nausea and extreme sensitivity to bright lights. In most cases, the migraine translates into a throbbing pain that is felt at most times on one side of the head. There are three main types of migraines namely, cluster migraine, tension migraine and mixed tension headaches each with varying degrees of symptoms such as  pain in the eyes, blurred vision, blackouts , seeing spots or lines, tunnel vision and related problems. Migraine headaches typically start as a mild headache and gradually progress to a debilitating pain in the side of the head.

It has been observed that certain foods are known to trigger the onset of migraines or aggravate an already existing one. These foods are mostly baked goods, dairy foods, meats, onions, chocolate, peanut butter ,salami, bacon, hot dogs or even food that have been marinated or pickled or fermented.

Foods containing Monosodium glutamate (MSG) especially Chinese food are also known to be harmful to those prone to migraines. MSG is commonly found in foods like salad dressings, commercial soups, and processed snacks. Similarly chemicals found in certain foods are also responsible for aggravating migraine symptoms, the common culprits are food chemicals like histamine, tyramine and phenyl ethylamine. Tyramine is a predominant component of foods like yogurt, soy sauce, blue or aged cheese. Phenyl ethylamine is a chemical found in foods like yellow cheese, cheesecakes, and cocoa. Hence patients suffering from migraines are always advised to avoid or minimize their cheese intake. The common types of cheeses that are commercially available are blue cheese, cheddar, feta, parmesan, and mozzarella. The main reason as to why aged cheese is harmful is because the longer any food ages the higher is the production of tyranine. Tyranine is formed on account of the gradual protein breakdown in food and is detrimental to migraines. On consumption of aged or blue cheese most migraine patients are known to exhibit symptoms like dilation of blood vessels and increased blood pressure. Hence doctors always advice migraine sufferers to control or stop their intake of cheese. High tyranine cheeses are mostly blue, feta, gorgonzola, cheddar and mozzarella. There are some types of cheeses that are low in tyranine namely cottage cheese, cream cheese and ricotta cheese. Fruits like bananas and various citrus fruits are also known to trigger the onset of a migraine headache and hence should be avoided.
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