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Cleansing and Detoxification

Which fruits are recommended for detoxification?
(May 12, 2010)

Doing a detoxification diet is extremely critical for good health as our bodies are constantly being bombarded with various toxicities in the everyday lives. Most people are not able to avoid the everyday pollutants hence they need to take steps to protect themselves and their health by using a diet that is healing. Once the environmental illness has been diagnosed, the first logical step to follow is to remove the various offending toxins that are found in a person's environment thus starting off the body detoxification process. Once this is done then healing process begins. Detoxification is the main key to helping a person get better.

There are various ways for a person to detoxify their body by using the detoxification diet.

The first step in the detoxification process is to protect ones health by not eating any harmful foods. There are various foods that one needs to abstain from if one wants a healthy life. Some of the harmful foods that one should avoid which can help in the detoxification process are margarine and various other hydrogenated fats. Avoid drinking chlorinated water instead try and drink water that comes from fresh and natural springs. In as many cases as possible try and avoid taking heavy antibiotics. Take the advice of a medical practitioner in this case. Avoid any food products that contain aspartame like found in various chewing gums. Also try and avoid table salt in regular food. Food products that contain MSG which stands for Mono Sodium Glutamate are particularly harmful and should be avoided at any cost. It is also essential that children not be given any food products that contain Mono Sodium Glutamate. Try and buy organic fruits and vegetables as they contain no pesticides at all. Avoid any foods that contain carcinogens. This can be established by looking at the label on the packaged and tinned foods. Abstain from milk that contains hormones in it also foods that have food additives. Refined sugar is one of the other items to be avoided if one wishes to detoxify. Junk or processed food should be avoided at any cost. Similarly fried foods or smoked foods need to be cut out of one’s diet. Stop drinking any aerated drinks or soft drinks. Switch to fresh juices. Alcohol and drugs should be abstained from. Important ingredients of a detoxification diet include eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and drinking plenty of water and juices. Homemade soups are also beneficial.
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