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After Dinner Snacks

Is there any harm in eating fruits after dinner? That is how it has been practiced for years. Should they be included before meals at night? Why?
(May 13, 2010)

No matter how full your stomach is after eating a heavy meal, you will always have some space to eat a bowl of fruits. A fruit plate is the best and the healthiest food you can have because of the number of nutrients that it contains. It includes glucose, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids all of which are essential for proteins in the body. They are also known to reduce cholesterol levels in your body. Though most of us eat it at any time of the day mostly after meals, there are a number of arguments on the exact time of eating fruits.

It is said that fruits should be consumed before a meal preferably on an empty stomach as this helps to throw out all the toxins from the body and to ensure that all the nutrients present in the fruits are easily absorbed by the stomach providing a great amount of energy to perform all activities plus energy to lose weight. On the contrary, if you have a fruit plate after a meal, the body is not able to utilize the nutrients from fruits because the food present inside blocks it from doing so.

Fruits constitute of simple sugar that can be easily digested in a span of half an hour while other foods that contain proteins, starch and fat take a long time to digest. Thus, if we have fruits after a meal it gets mixed with the other food and their nutrients might get lost because they have to wait for a long time to get absorbed by the system. Some people also experience pain in the stomach after eating a fruit which is why they feel that fruits should be consumed before meals.

However, it is believed by some that this is a myth and that the body will use all the nutrients no matter what and deciding a specific time to eat fruits does not matter. The one advantage that you can have of eating fruits before a meal is that they can fill your stomach a bit curbing your appetite to an extent which otherwise would have been filled with some fatty food. In conclusion, despite all that is being said, fruits can be eaten after meals. It is however recommended that you take advice from the right source to avoid any complications. The only thing essential is that they need to be eaten in their natural form or the desired nutrients will be lost.
Submitted by M S on May 13, 2010 at 07:14


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