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Food for gall bladder

What is the best diet for a person who has gall bladder stones as removal of gall bladder has been recommended
(September 22, 2007)

The ability of gallbladder to secrete bile which is required for digestion of fat is compromised. Thus for a healthy living you should follow a low-fat diet for gall bladder stones. A low fat diet will promote adequate rest for your gall bladder and avoid any kind of complications. Remember the following points for a gallbladder diet –

  • Weight loss should be done if necessary but at a gradual pace with the combination of diet and exercise.
  • For fiber in the diet include lots of whole unprocessed cereals and complex carbohydrate foods, pulses, sprouts, fresh fruits (preferably with skin) and vegetables.
  • Avoid large meals especially before bed time.
  • Add ginger and turmeric to the diet while cooking as it will enhance bile flow.
  • Avoid red meat, organ meats, egg yolk, animal fat, processed and denatured food, pickles, oily, fried or greasy food, refined carbohydrates, alcohol, coffee and sugar as far as possible.

  • Include milk and milk products but remember that they should be in double skimmed form, avoid carbonated beverages completely.
  • Choose low fat fish or chicken and lean meat with all fat removed in small amounts.
  • Post surgery focus on high fiber diet and fluids to avoid constipation for couple of days. Completely avoid junk and convenience foods and limit the intake of visible oil to just 2-3 teaspoons per day.


Submitted by S M on September 22, 2007 at 10:21


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