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Importance of Fluids

Can I have tea instead of water for my daily intake of fluid?
(May 25, 2010)

Our bodies can last for weeks without eating any food, but we can last for only a few days without any fluids. It is therefore important that we replenish whatever fluids we lose during the day.

To stay healthy we need to ensure that we drink a lot of fluids everyday. Water therefore plays a very important role in our body’s functioning. We need to, on an average, drink six to eight cups of water or fluid everyday. This liquid helps in the movement of nutrients in the body and also facilitates the chemical reactions that take place within our cells.

The waste products that are produced in our body are flushed out in the urine that we pass. This urine as we all know is mainly water. The question that we need to explore is “Can I have tea instead of water for my daily intake of fluid?”

Well, consuming the amount of fluid that is necessary becomes easier if we enjoy the taste of what we drink. Most people love tea and find its taste most refreshing. Tea not only hydrates you but also plays a protective role against diseases of the heart and some cancers as well. There are certain flavonoids present in tea which play an important role in promoting good health. Tea also protects against tooth decay and helps in strengthening your bones. The bottom line is that for those who don’t like water, tea is definitely a better option than not drinking anything at all.

However, keep in mind that drinking too much tea could hamper your body’s iron absorption ability. So those who are anemic should refrain from drinking tea during their meal times. Also remember that the diuretic nature of tea will make you pass more urine. The caffeine that is contained in tea also plays the role of a stimulant. You might have difficulty sleeping if you drink tea at the wrong time of the day. The caffeine might also increase your stress levels and make you jittery, especially if you are a sensitive person.
If you really don’t like water, why not try replacing it with bottled sparkling water instead. You could give it some additional flavor by adding a bit of squash or some fruit juice of your choice. Adding some lime or lemon slice will make it more appealing. Keep in mind though that consuming too many sugary drinks could lead to tooth decay.
Submitted by S M on May 25, 2010 at 07:25


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