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Cures for Genital Warts

How do you cure genital Warts?
(September 13, 2007)

Genital warts are cause mainly due to human papillomavirus. They are highly contagious so appropriate care should be taken to avoid its spread.
Keep the following points in mind to treat the warts –

  • Add ½ cup sodium bicarbonate in a tub of warm water. Have a soothing bath with this water to relieve the itch. Avoid scratching as far as possible as it can worsen the rash.

  • Oat meal baths are also very beneficial for genital warts and will help to reduce the itchiness.
  • Avoid having oral or anal sex; preferably use a condom while a sexual activity. Also avoid sharing towels and clothes with other people.
  • Wear comfortable clothes, especially wear comfortable clean cotton underwear and avoid tight fitted clothes.
  • Keep the genital area dry and clean as far as possible.
Submitted by S M on September 13, 2007 at 01:43


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