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Detox Diet

I have heard of the Detox Diet. Please provide more details on the Detox Diet?
(May 2, 2008)

Body Clean with Diet

The main purpose of a Detox Diet is to facilitate the removal of toxic matter accumulated in the body. It has been assumed that eliminating dietary and environmental toxins and contaminants detoxifies the body thus promoting energy increase, weight loss, improved digestion, resistance to disease and overall good health.

This diet involves a general modification in total lifestyle and a change in consumption habits. There are several types of detox diets which basically include:

  • Minimizing or eliminating processed foods, canned foods, alcohol, caffeine, fried products, red meat, dairy products, margarine, shortening, salt and sugar.
  • Large amounts of water and organically grown fruits and vegetables should form a major part of one's food intake.
  • Fasting, intake of raw foods, herbs and supplements, exercise, hydrotherapy, sauna therapy, juice fasting, high fiber foods are also included in the diet plan.
  • Whole grains, legumes, certain fish like salmon, raw nuts, seeds, herbal teas are recommended in the diet.


However, experts regard detox diets as not very effective. Besides, this diet should not be tried by pregnant and nursing women, children and persons with various diseases. Consulting one's doctor or health professional is necessary.

Certain side effects arising after starting such a diet include headaches, diarrhea, fatigue, fainting, and irritability. This diet is not meant to be observed for prolonged periods. A healthy and less restrictive diet is advisable after trying a detox diet.

Submitted by C N on May 2, 2008 at 06:38


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