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Diet Menu

Can you suggest an ideal Diet Menu for weight loss.
(May 2, 2008)

Weight Loss Diet

While picking out a diet menu suited to your needs especially one that will be instrumental in helping you to lose body fat, you have to make sure that you are taking in proportionate and required calories to maintain the body equilibrium. The task in choosing the right diet menu is to determine practical and possible weight loss and dietary goals. You can begin by attempting to follow easy guidelines below.

  • Try to have at least four to six very small meals or snacks during the day.
  • In order to make your diet menu successful, plan in advance by deciding the foods you will have the next day and store them appropriately so that you will not be tempted to indulge in high fat or high calories foods, in the absence of wholesome foods.
  • Do not get bogged down by going into the tiny details of the diet. you can begin by simply keeping a tab on the number of calories in the diet that you are involved in.
  • Try to enjoy your food slowly and taste each morsel as you consume them.
  • Lay down selections of healthy food options such as fruits, and vegetables, cereals that are whole grain and low-fat or nonfat milk products, lean meat, fish and poultry without any skin.
  • Stay away from foods high in fat and calories.
  • Keep off from sugary substances and white flour products.


Submitted by C N on May 2, 2008 at 06:42


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