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Diet Program

Can you suggest a suitable Diet Program to help me in losing weight?
(May 2, 2008)

Diet Plan for Weight Loss

Although there are plenty of diet fads and programs available, the best diet program is one that integrates all kinds of healthy foods and necessary nutrients vital for the body. A winning diet comprises all the essential vitamins and coupled with the right kind of exercise, the diet program can yield fruitful results without any side effects.


  • A small portion of oatmeal made with skimmed milk and brown sugar. Honey can also be used in place of brown sugar.
  • one sweet lime or mandarin orange
  • a cup of tea or coffee.

Mid-day Snack

  • Whole meal crackers with honey or a small portion of whole meal sweet bread.


  • A thick concoction of freshly made home-made soup. Canned soups can contain added salt and fat and hence care must be taken in choosing the right brand and type of soup in the canned or tinned variety. Hearty chowder that is around 200 calories is ideal for a good meal complete meal.
  • Whole meal bread sticks
  • A small cup of steamed or boiled veggies with salt and pepper.

Evening Snack

  • Make a milkshake or smoothie with any type of fruit or a combination of fruits which has been blended only with skimmed milk.


  • A portion of roasted or broiled chicken breast seasoned with lemon and rosemary, if needed.
  • Half a potato freshly baked potato with a dash of butter, salt and pepper.
  • Two portions of steamed vegetables with herb seasonings.
  • One apple baked with a topping of a tablespoon of brown sugar, and sprinkling of cinnamon.

Submitted by C N on May 2, 2008 at 07:12


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