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Fast Diet

What is the meaning of a Fast Diet? How do Fast Diets work and is it a safe diet to follow? I have been trying to get information on this subject and I would like to know more.
(May 4, 2008)

Information on Fasting Diet

The Fast Diet is correctly or popularly known as The Fasting Diet. The Fasting Diet is one of the oldest diets known to man and is also extremely popular with those who intend to lose weight by cleansing the body of its toxins and waste products. More importantly the Fasting dieting is also commonly attached to spiritual enlightenment. The Fasting Diet advocates the that the interested individual indulge in fasting or abstaining from solid food at least two times in a year; each fasting period lasting for approximately one week at a time. The fasting drives the body to purge the impurities and detoxify the body, relieving it of numerous detrimental environmental agents such as antibiotic drugs consumed in the past, chemical substances and other such toxins.

There are definite and positive worthy interests in following the Fasting Diet.

It seems quite disconcerting to stretch one whole week on liquids, water and fresh fruit juices. It is also highly likely that in the one week of fasting, the body will miss out on numerous crucial nutrients and lowered energy levels of the individual can also hamper daily activities. However a short and brief fast must be introduced to comfortably detoxify the body. It is highly recommended to consult the doctor before embarking on a week-long fast.
Submitted by C N on May 4, 2008 at 10:34


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