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Surgical Weight Loss

I would like to know more about how surgery helps in losing weight. What are the pros and cons of adopting surgery as a tool in weight loss?
(May 5, 2008)

Weight Loss with Surgery

Individuals who are extremely obese or with stubborn weight problems, even though they have tried numerous diets and weight loss or weight control programs, stand a chance of losing their weight through surgery. A doctor will determine if the individual is a prime candidate for surgical weight loss while gaining insight on the costs of the surgery, and post-surgical experience from individuals who have already gone through surgery as a method of losing weight.

Surgery for weight loss can mean any of the below techniques used by the surgeon in determining the best method, depending upon the individual's physical condition and other factors -

Surgery involving Gastric Banding or Lap-Band, also known as Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding is a minimal surgery that is least invasive as compared to other forms of surgery. In Lap-Band surgery the surgeon places an elastic band in the stomach to curb the intake of food consumption. According to patients who have experienced this surgery, the Lap-band helps them eat less as they feel full after eating fewer quantities, than before.

Gastric Bypass Surgery also referred to as bariatric surgery is a complicated form of surgery in which the surgeon makes deliberate attempts to restrict food intake of the individual by making changes in the digestive system.

Body lift or belt lipectomy or lower body lift is another surgical method used by surgeons to shape the lower abdomen, the thighs, and the buttocks.

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