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Unexplained Weight Loss

What are the pros and cons of experiencing unexplained weight loss? Can someone shed light on the subject of unexplained weight loss?
(May 6, 2008)

Advice on Rapid Weight Loss

Weight loss under nine pounds is not likely to be a cause for worry or concern unless there are other symptoms associated with the weight loss. However if the individual is experiencing weight loss over nine pounds there must be a thorough check done to ascertain the cause of weight loss. If the individual is one a diet and is losing more weight than desired, then the diet must be immediately discontinued. To check for further damage signs, please consult a doctor for a thorough checkup and take steps to reverse the damage, if needed.

Sometimes unexplained weight loss is also associated with the lack of nourishment and can be linked to a chronic disorder also known as cachexia. Such unexplained loss of weight which develops as a result of prolonged illness must be appraised by a medical doctor.

If weight loss is accompanied by extreme fatigue, weariness, lethargy for the better part during the day and other debilitating symptoms, then such a condition needs to be immediately taken into consultation with medical experts. Unexplained weight loss that is over nine pounds and climbing, is usually listed as a symptom of an early stage of cancer, namely pancreatic cancers, stomach cancer, cancer of the esophagus, or lung cancer.
Submitted by C N on May 6, 2008 at 06:20


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