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Weight Loss Protocol

What are the benefits and disadvantages of adhering to a weight loss protocol? Please help.
(May 7, 2008)

Advice on Weight Loss Procedure

In recent times weight issues have become a worldwide phenomenon, owing to changing lifestyles and food habits. With a few guidelines, people with excess weight issues can take matters in their hands and start treating weight problems with success.

Some useful weight loss protocol tips include:

  • Do not skip breakfast - A nourishing meal at the break of day helps to boost metabolism, moreover you may not be tempted to indulge in unhealthy foods by mid-morning.
  • Have meals at the scheduled time - It has all to do with metabolism. Meals eaten at regular time period improves metabolism and fills you up, thus preventing the craving for fatty or sugary foods.
  • Food must be consumed without hurry - Each meal must be savored and eaten slowly. By eating slowly it is proven that smaller portions or quantities are consumed, rather than eating fast and too much.
  • Take charge of the meal portions - do not eat more than you can take in. Sometimes we tend to gorge on the food, going by the meal potions served in restaurants.
  • Set reasonable weight loss targets - Do not go over the top in setting the goals for weight loss. Most people in their initial enthusiastic mature tend to set unrealistic weight loss goals and eventually find it difficult to adhere to the target.
  • Let fitness be an integral part of your diet - diet and fitness go hand in hand in successfully shedding off those pounds.

Submitted by C N on May 7, 2008 at 12:27


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