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Crash Diet Plans

Do crash diets really work? If not then what are some of the best ways to avoid piling up calories?
(August 5, 2011)

Contrary to what many people may believe crash diets do not work wonders and in fact the restricting nature of these such diets can actually frustrate dieters leading them to discontinuing the diet mid-way itself and in turn resulting in more weight gain. One of the best ways to avoid piling up calories is to boost the body’s metabolism. The most effective way to achieve this is by building muscle mass through regular weight training combined with an appropriate daily diet. It is also important to avoid the effects of crash diet as you are eating too many simple carbohydrates such as sugars and white bread. Maintaining healthy habits such as eating smaller but frequent meals through the day and eating nutritious foods and avoiding bad habits like binging in front of the television, skipping meals, lack of exercise and consumption of junk foods and high calorie beverages can go a long way in helping you avoid excess weight gain.

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How to lose weight fast with crash diet?

Many people resort to crash dieting to lose weight quickly, however it is also important to remember that it is extremely unhealthy to crash diet for prolonged periods of time. Crash dieting for weight loss is also not a very easy task as you have to severely restrict your calorie consumption to lose weight fast. The lemonade diet is a good crash diet for weight loss which has been used by many celebrities to successfully lose weight in a short span of time. Other than helping a person lose weight the lemonade diet is also effective in cleansing the body and flushing out harmful toxins.

People who follow this crash diet have to literally starve themselves for a period of 10 days and drink only lemonade to fill their stomach. Therefore this diet is also known as the starvation diet plan which is forced. While following the lemonade crash diet for weight loss a person is supposed to drink about 12 glasses of lemonade everyday for 10 days to achieve a weight loss of 7-8pounds. It is very important to bear in mind that while following any such regime it is vital to strictly adhere to the crash diet and weight reduction tips in order to lose weight effectively.
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How to start a crash diet?

Obesity is one of the most common problems all over the world and it is understandable to see a number of people get a little worried about their weight. However, one of the biggest problems that most people that are overweight face is the fact that they tend to go on a crash diet – which is not really the best option to lose weight because it serves only as a short term option rather than a change in the way of life as well as a permanent solution to the root issue.

However, to start crash dieting in the event that you are determined that this is the right option for you, your should remember to avoid persevering with the crash diet for more than 7 days as this will deprive the body of any of the required nutrients and minerals that it gathers from your normal foods. Also, on the week that you decide to start your crash diet, avoid overexerting yourself as the lack of calories in your food consumption are likely to contribute to you suffering from a drought of energy. The best advice is to start a well balanced diet at the end of the crash diet in order to put you onto a healthy way of life. There are a number of sources such as the internet that can give you more information on how to go crash dieting.
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Is crash diet safe?

Have you heard about a certain diet that can guarantee weight loss or around 10 to 17 pounds in a week?  These diets are becoming very popular all over the world, and they are referred to as fad diets or crash diets. Many people do resort to these quick-fix diets, just to lose weight for a particular occasion or so. However, have you ever wondered about a crash diet safety? What are the side effects that you could expect from a diet that causes you to lose more than 10 pounds a week?

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a “safe crash diet”, despite the claims made by several diet designers. Given below are some of the risks associated with almost every crash diet, even the safest ones:
  • Depriving the body of certain foods and essential nutrients, such as fats, carbs, calcium, protein and so on
  • Increasing the risks of weakened immunity as well as sever health deterioration. People who go on crash diets regularly are usually known to suffer from low energy and kidney stones.
  • Development of eating disorders, which could include anorexia, bulimia or even binge eating
  • Speeding up the ageing process, by causing symptoms like wrinkles, hair loss and sagging skin
  • Contributing towards weight gain, once you resume your normal diet and eating habits. These diets also reduce metabolism, causing the body to burn fewer calories than before
  • Triggering off negative emotions like depression, irritability, mood swings and anxiety.
Therefore, it is safe to say that there is no crash diet safety and even though such an eating plan may help you reach your weight goal in a short span of time, such diets should be strictly avoided.
Submitted by N on July 18, 2011 at 04:58


Does crash dieting increase sodium levels?

While the determination to lose weight is always commendable, it is important to do so in a healthy manner rather than as a knee jerk reaction to realizing how your life is affected because of your obesity. Crash dieting is a very common aspect of weight loss for a number of people, especially in the event that they desire to boost their aesthetic appeal in an upcoming social event. However, crash dieting and sodium levels as well as other chemical levels in the body are all linked, meaning that there is always a very strong likelihood that you may suffer from some kind of internal complication in the event that you suddenly decide to go on a crash diet.

Crash dieting means that the body will now have to cope and adapt to the lack of certain kinds of nutrition that it has been so used to getting for such a long period of time.  This means that the chemical changes in the body during this period is going to be substantial as well.
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Obesity was only linked to the negative effects it had on the aesthetics of an individual until a few decades ago, but now people are becoming more and more aware of the very serious medical complications that accompany the condition. However, the condition is so widespread in today that some countries have even labeled it as a pandemic. The excessive stress that an overweight body places on the limbs and joints of the legs means that wear and tear of the ligaments and muscles in the area occurs at a much faster pace than it should – leading to the development of conditions like arthritis. Moreover, the collected supplies of excess fat and cholesterol means that the arteries are more at risk of the occurrence of blockages and heart disease while the problems in breathing can significantly harm the quality of life you lead. All of these complications can develop at the same time – thereby posing a significant threat to the life of the affected individual. In an effort to combat the development of obesity, a number of diets have been developed over the years, all having a few benefits and varying degrees of success – depending largely on how responsive your body is to the change in diet.

First and foremost though, it is of vital importance that you avoid eating any kind of fast food such as burgers or hot dogs as they are usually the main culprits for the buildup of fat cells in your body. Since you mention that you are looking for crash diets, we are going to assume that you need to lose a substantial amount of weight in a short period of time. One of the most effective crash diet methods is to eat only green vegetables with a minimum calorie content in a raw, baked or sautéed form. Avoid any kind of seasoning on the preparation as it will only serve to defeat the entire purpose of the diet plan. The vegetables that are most highly recommended include spinach, broccoli and lettuce. Crash diets are not the best method of dieting as they can lead to nutritional deficiencies. Make sure that you talk to your doctor before you decide on a diet plan. Drinking a lot of water is an essential part of  most diet plans and making sure that your body is well hydrated at all times helps detoxify it as well. Moreover, any crash diet plan is not as effective as it can be without the help of a certain amount of exercise. Even a 45 minute stretch of aerobics on a daily basis will yield surprising results.
Submitted by R J on July 15, 2010 at 07:03


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