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Exercises for Obesity

How much can exercising help in getting rid of obesity?
(July 19, 2010)

Obesity is a very common problem and it can be traced to our modern sedentary lifestyle and our unhealthy dietary habits. Exercising is an essential tool for healthy weight loss as it helps to tone the body by using excess reserves of fat. However, it is important to use the right techniques and equipment when exercising as incorrect techniques can place unnecessary strain on your muscles which can lead to several problems such as muscles strains and damaged ligaments. It can also cause more serious injuries like torn ligaments or spinal problems such as a slip disc herniation. If you are starting out on a new exercise regimen after years of leading a sedentary lifestyle, it would be advisable to have a physical fitness instructor help you.

If this is not an option, you can exercise in the comfort of your own home as long as you make sure that you exercise correctly and that you start off with just a few simple exercises. Regular exercise coupled with a healthy diet is pretty much a sure shot method to get rid of obesity.

When you start your new exercise schedule, make sure that you first start off with light stretching exercises. These exercises will help to strengthen your muscles and tendons and will help to prepare your body for more rigorous exercises. Make sure that you spend at least a week doing these exercises and if possible, do them twice a day. When it comes to stretching exercises, it helps if you hold the position in which your body is most stretched for a couple of seconds as this will help to loosen your muscles. All your movements must be slow and not jerky as this will help to prevent sudden muscle spasms. After your first week, you can include an exercise set that requires weights. Make sure that you start off with light weights and you can progress to heavier weights with time. Walking is another excellent exercise so when starting your new exercise schedule make sure that you include at least 20 minutes of walking on a daily basis. You can start off with slow – almost leisurely walking, and then increase your pace as you progress. Never exercise until your muscles hurt but instead chart out a easy exercise plan and stick to it.

When you decide to start exercising you may be tempted to go all out with your exercise plan. This can actually cause more harm than good and any resulting injury may put you off exercise for months or years to come. When it comes to exercising to get rid of obesity, it is important to keep in mind that your body is not used to intense exercise and that this is something that you will need to ease into.
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