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Kimkins Diet

any reviews opinions on Kimkins Diet. Will like to know more, please revert with any help?
(May 13, 2008)

Information on Kimkins Diet

It is a low carbohydrate diet, initiated by a person named Kimmer. The diet is low in fat, fibre, carbohydrates and calories. A lot of variations exist in this kind of diet. It is sometimes, as less as 500 calories per day. Minimal fat are used along with lean proteins.

Vegetable consumption per day should be less than twenty grams of carbohydrate. Nuts, milk and fruits are not recommended. A few controversies exist about the diet. Deficiencies of certain essential nutrients and dietary fibre are seen to occur. A supplement of vitamins and minerals is essential.

Phytonutrients and essential fatty acids are not supplemented. Fibre supplements are recommended in a regular fashion. This is not considered to be a healthy practice. Low calorie foods fail to work in the long run, as appetite increases. A low calorie diet, such as Kimkins diet fails to survive in the long run, due to the associated hunger. Weight loss in such cases is due to the muscle loss and not because of fat. The survival needs increases. Excessive amount of lean protein in the form of shellfish, skinless chicken, turkey, ostrich, buffalo, eggs, lean ham and egg substitutes are given. Three cups of vegetables are allowed, namely, spinach, cucumber, lettuce, celery, cauliflower, artichoke and radish.
Submitted by E L on May 13, 2008 at 04:00


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