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Maple Syrup Diet

I need help on Maple Syrup Diet. Can some one tell me what is maple diet?
(February 25, 2011)

Movie stars and celebrities often undertake detox diets to lose weight fast. Therefore, when pop star and actor Beyonce Knowles revealed that a maple syrup diet helped her shed pounds for an acting role, the news made a splash in the dieting circuit. The maple syrup diet sounded glamorous and delicious since celebrities endorsed it. Maple syrup diet ingredients may include syrup from the bark of maple tree, lemon juice, and cayenne pepper mixed in water. Grade B maple syrup is used in this diet both for its rich dark color and higher content of sucrose.

The maple syrup diet recipe provides calories from sugar in the syrup, acid from lemon juice, and a meager amount of calories from the cayenne pepper. Pepper powder provides a spicy kick to this intoxicatingly sweet mixture.

Maple syrup as a detox diet. Naturopath Stanley Burroughs introduced the lemon and maple syrup diet as a detox diet. The lemon maple syrup diet claims to flush out toxins from the body, accelerate weight loss, and boost immunity to fight diseases.  Maple syrup diet may provide more energy to the body and improve alertness and concentration. Maple syrup diet reviews also claim that the concoction may provide beauty benefits such as radiant skin, lustrous hair, and healthy nails.

Maple syrup diet instructions. Despite its many benefits, the maple syrup diet is not an easy diet to follow. During the course of this diet (anywhere between 10 to 40 days), the individuals may consume unlimited quantities of lemon and maple syrup drink. However, note that this is your sole source of nutrients for the duration of the diet. No raw or cooked foods maybe consumed while you follow the lemon juice and maple syrup diet. Since this diet does not provide any source of dietary fiber, you may consume saline water or laxative teas to improve bowel movement. Beginners may pursue the maple syrup diet for a shorter time such as five to seven days. Once they are comfortable, they may extend the diet period further under the supervision of a diet professional. Other less rigorous maple syrup diet versions have sprung up over the years.

A relaxed maple syrup diet version suggests substituting one or two meals during the day with lemon and maple syrup drinks. While solid foods maybe consumed, you must avoid alcohol, foods made from sugars and refined flour, red meats, and fatty foods. Maple syrup diet instructions should be strictly followed even in the post-diet phase. At the end of the regime, ease in to your regular diet by consuming citrus juices, vegetable soups, and salads. After four to five days of this food, you may gradually start consuming cooked food, meat, and so on.

Health concerns. The maple syrup diet is a low calorie diet. In fact, diet experts reckon that you may receive less than 500 calories per day on a maple syrup diet. It is important to note that any diet plan that provides fewer than 1200 calories is dangerous to health. To make up for your daily quota of calories, you may have to drink at least 10 to 12 glasses of lemon maple juice. Prolonged use of the maple syrup diet is not advisable. In the long run, this diet will cause you constipation due to lack of dietary fiber. The maple syrup diet is also devoid of proteins, carbohydrates, healthy fats, and essential vitamins and minerals. Acid from lemon juice may also cause dental problems.

Early side effects of maple syrup diet may include hunger, lack of energy, irritability, headache, and nausea. These may fade as you continue with your diet. However, if you experience any severe side effects, it is best to terminate the diet and seek medical help. Avoid dehydration by consuming plenty of water while on the maple syrup diet. Low calorie diets may turn into health hazards. Consult your doctor or dietician before undertaking the maple syrup diet and consider alternate options if you are on medication.

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Maple Syrup Diet

The Maple syrup diet is also referred to as Beyonce diet. It comprises of a drink which aids in weight loss. It reduces the toxins in the body by detoxification. It improves concentration and enhances the energy levels. The hair is shinier and the nails are stronger. It is made up of two tablespoons of fresh lime juice with a pinch of ginger or cayenne pepper in half a pint of cold or hot water.

Two tablespoons of natural tree syrup is added to the above. About six to nine glasses of this juice is recommended on a daily basis. This die is followed in four ways. The relaxed version involves the replacement of the breakfast and dinner or either of these with the drink. Processed foods, sweets, dairy products, red meat, coffee, sweets, fried foods and white bread are completely avoided. The Full detox diet comprises of the maple syrup diet for the entire period.

The Maple syrup diet is allowed for 5 to 7 days, especially for beginners. The master plan involves this diet, twice a year and is clubbed with once a week pattern. The once a week pattern suggests the usage of this diet on one day in a week. It is a kind of crash diet. Its low calories help in shedding the extra pounds, though nutrient deficiencies are also common.
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