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Nutrition five food group for children

Hi, I have 4 kids they are 4 years old. They are quadruplet twins. Their weight is between 13 and 14 pounds. How can I increase their weight? Thanx
(August 14, 2008)

Nutrition in childhood plays a vital role in health in later years. Try to incorporate all the foods from the basic five food groups. Vegetables are important for their vitamins and mineral, deficiency of which results in many disorders. Pasta is great with sauce and cheese toppings. They are appetising and attract kids due to their shapes.

Cereals that are fortified are helpful, as they are consumed with milk and fruits. Bring in variety to the diet. Children are capable of eating what adults eat, when they are two years old. Whole grain bread is high in dietary fiber. Bagels, pitta breads, muffins, wheat tortillas are helpful. Baked potatoes are yet another alternative for breakfast. About five servings of fruits help. Fruits are recommended as a whole, due to their high fiber content.

Fruit juices are also nutritious, though devoid of fiber. Incorporate fruits into puddings, pies, pastries and so on. Veggies are a great thing for children. Hide them in casseroles and soups, in case they are less preferred. Tinned and frozen fruits or veggies are useful. Decrease their intake of processed foods such as biscuits, cookies and other chips and so on, as these decrease their appetite. Thus, their intake is poor and unhealthy. Desserts are sweet and easy on kids. Legumes, and whole beans are an essential part of patties, as they provide the essential protein and other nutrients.

Fish, boiled eggs, are good fillings for sandwiches. Scrambled eggs, poached eggs are good protein breakfast. Decrease the intake of sweets and other sugary drinks, as they increase the risk of dental decay. Chicken, sausages, cold meat, tuna, salmon, minced beef and others are good protein substitutes. Meat balls, as such or as soft gravy are effective. Decrease the intake of sweets between meals, as it affects the appetite. Grated cheese in toast and soups are healthy. Soups provide the necessary calories and vegetables, in a hidden manner. Skimmed milk helps kids above two years.

Ensure a healthy breakfast. Skipping breakfast keeps them hungry throughout the day. Talk to and divert the child while eating. It takes away the child's attention and ensures an empty plate. Avoid expecting a clean plate, every time they eat. But, ensure the non availability of food after the meal time. Remember, children are smart and understand what you don't like. Get the best out of them for a bright and healthy future!

Submitted by M S on August 14, 2008 at 05:09


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