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Best Protein Powder For Weight Loss

How helpful is the Best Protein Powder For Weight Loss? Whatever you can tell me will be great!
(November 1, 2010)

What is the Best Whey Protein Powder for Weight Loss

When talking about whey, it actually refers to a complex ingredient consisting of minerals, fat, lactose and protein. There is a lot of confusion in the understanding of various kinds of whey like ion exchange, isolates, and concentrates. Whey protein is high in branched-chain amino acids and essential amino acids. Whey protein is obtained from the process of cheese-making from milk.

Prograde pharmaceutical quality whey protein is considered by some to be the best whey protein powder for weight loss for women and men.

This product is naturally sweetened using stevia, and the vanilla flavor can be easily mixed without causing the stomach to bloat or get upset. The only disadvantage is that it will cost a little more than others. Most people are under the impression that protein powders taste bad, but there are some products that are considered to be quite tasty. However, you should remember that the taste will differ for each person, and you will have to find one that suits you best. The best tasting whey protein powders to lose weight will depend on personal taste, but rest assured that there are plenty of types and flavors in the market. If a certain protein powder is not tasty, it will usually be discontinued soon after it comes into the market.

Is Protein Powder Bad for Weight Loss

Protein is very important for the body as it strengthens and develops muscles, speeds up the process of healing, enhances the functioning of the immune system, and keeps the skin healthy. Bodybuilders, who perform a lot of weightlifting activities and exercises, usually consume protein powders as they require extra protein to make the muscles strong. However, consumption of too much protein powder can be and result in different side effects. 

The intake of protein powder will depend of different factors like amount of physical activity, weight and age. Hence, it is important that you consult a nutritionist before consuming it. Some of the protein powder side effects include deficiency of calcium, malfunctioning of kidneys, and gastrointestinal problems. Consuming protein powder in excess makes the blood acidic. To neutralize this, calcium is released into the blood from the bones. During this process, the body will get deficient of calcium and diseases like osteoporosis will result. The calcium that is released also gets deposited in the kidneys, resulting in kidney malfunction. One of the major protein powder effects on the body includes damage of the liver. This is because the capacity of the human body to assimilate proteins is limited. When protein power is taken in excess, a lot of pressure is put in the liver while assimilating the protein that is in excess. Thus, while protein powder in itself is not bad for weight loss, excess amounts can lead to several side effects including weight gain.

How to Use Protein Powder to Lose Weight

You can get protein powder in different flavors, and it can be used to make shakes or smoothies with milk or water. It can also come in the form of protein bars and can be used in cooking, but the usual way is to consume it in a shake. Proteins shakes can be made use of as a substitution for meals, and when it is used in breakfast, it helps in balancing the levels of blood sugar for the rest of the day. Using protein powder to lose weight helps by increasing the metabolism and keeps you satisfied till lunch. When selecting a protein powder for fat loss you should remember that there are two kinds of protein. One is whey protein isolate and one is whey protein concentrate. Whey protein isolate is considered to be the form of whey protein that is purest. There is a different combination of fat, carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins in each kind of powder, so you should make sure to select one that suits your requirements. However, it is also important that you remember not to consume an excess of the protein powder as it can bring about various side effects like calcium deficiency, kidney malfunction, and gastrointestinal problems. It is best to check with a dietitian for expert advice on quantity and dosage.

Can Protein Powder Make You Fat

You can select the protein power you want to use based on whether it is a plant source or animal source. There is a continuing debate regarding plant sources such as soy and their ability to provide essential amino acids. However, for animal sources you can get dairy or egg-based powders. If you choose dairy-based powders, it is recommended by some to get dairy whey. The thought that protein powder makes you fat is not entirely true since the powder is made to provide you with more energy and cause you to feel full. If you feel full it will be unlikely that you will overeat and become fat. If you want to increase your weight, you will need to increase your carb intake. However, there are some products available in the market that cause weight gain and increased muscle mass. This product is a blend of casein, whey, and egg proteins. It is shown by research that many sources of protein gave most effective results, especially when it was taken through the day to maintain peaked amino acid levels. Although there is no proof that protein powder causes weight gain, you should be careful while using them and consult a nutritionist before consuming them.

Protein Powder For Weight Loss:

Losing weight and maintaining it is very important. There are a number of reasons for people wanting to lose weight; be it for sickness, to look more attractive or even to stay healthy and fit. There are many dietary programs available in the market, which are specially designed to help you, lose weight. But the most important part is diagnosing you before getting into any weight loss program and finding the right program for yourself. This is an important step because when trying to lose weight it is important for you to stay healthy and not all weight loss programs may suit your body. Many dieticians suggest the protein powder weight loss program as it has proved to be beneficial when trying to lose weight. Protein plays an important role of substituting the carbohydrates in your diet this helps in keeping the cholesterol level and blood pressure low in your body. It helps repair the body and is not converted into fats like carbohydrates. More importantly, it makes you feel full and satisfied, so you eat less. Protein powder used for weight loss contains a high level of leucine and amino acids, which stimulates the protein synthesis in muscles. So the protein content reduces loss of muscle and low-carbohydrate component gives you low insulin. This make you burn fat faster. At the same time you will complete your body’s need for protein. If you follow a weight loss program and have a deficiency in protein, then it will lead to loss of muscle mass, which is very harmful.

The two popular types of protein powder for weight loss used today are whey protein powder and soy protein powder.  It is important that you figure out which protein powder is best for you. Whey protein powder has become increasingly popular over the years; it is widely used in many different ways and is available in many flavors. It keeps a balanced blood level in your system when consumed in the morning, thus helping a person losing weight with the desired energy. Making shakes out of it, having it straight with water, adding it to your meals, like putting it in your cereal or mixing it with yogurt are some ways of having whey protein powder. You can blend your protein powder drinks with milk, juice, water, rice milk, soy, add fruits like strawberries, bananas, dates, blueberries. Never add sugar to your drinks instead use the natural sugar from the fruits you add to the drink. You can add protein to the cereal you eat in the mornings, as well in your soup or even pasta sauces. Protein drinks simply help in building your muscles and losing your fat. Exercise is also important when having protein powder for weight loss, as it burns the fat and uses the energy supplied by the protein and makes your body want more protein. You should drink the protein drink thirty minutes after your work out. This helps replace the amino acids in your muscles so they can recover faster.

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Best Protein Powder For Weight Loss

Protein is the most important component of a diet. It is required to build muscles, lose weight & to stay trim, lean & healthy. Protein powder is easily available in the market & is safe if used moderately. It supplements the amount of protein that we get from our regular foods. Since it is not possible to calculate exactly how much protein our body needs so to have protein powder externally. It will be ensured that our body is getting enough protein. Protein powder can be effectively consumed early in the morning, for your breakfast or after your regular workout as your muscles are in the process of rebuilding or repairing themselves.

Chicken breast, eggs & pulses are natural sources of protein. Apart from protein, our body needs vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates & essential fats. Eating raw vegetable salads, fruits salads without any dressing, steamed vegetables, cooked pulses, sprouts, buttermilk, omega 3 fatty acids, vegetable juices, green tea, cereals, brown rice, brown sugar & whole grain bread are good foods for weight loss.

Apart from a controlled diet, our body needs regular physical activities so that we burn more calories than we consume. This is necessary for effective & permanent weight loss.

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