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Pregnancy Diabetes Diet

Is this of any use Pregnancy Diabetes Diet. How will this help?
(May 23, 2008)

Alternative Diet for Diabetes during Pregnancy

Gestational diabetes or GDM is the increased blood sugar during pregnancy. It is seen only during pregnancy, which later develops in certain cases, into type 2 diabetes, after delivery. It affects the woman in the later stages. The receptivity to insulin is poor during diabetes, thereby resulting in gestational diabetes. The diet needs varies from individual to individual.

The ultimate objective is to keep the sugar levels at bay. Diabetes after pregnancy is prevented by achieving a healthy lifestyle. Three meals and around three snacks are preferred.

Avoid skipping meals. Eat at the same time everyday. Eating lightly every two to three hours is important. Reading the food labels is equally important, so that the right foods are chosen. Beverages and foods with added sugar, such as honey, molasses, jellies, maple syrup, jams, molasses and corn syrup are avoided. High fibre foods help in bowel movement, especially due to constipation, associated with pregnancy.

Exercises in pregnancy require medical attention. Take the guidance of your physician or health provider. Food exchange is helpful in providing a lot of variety in the diet. About 300 calories are required more in the second and third trimester. Proteins are more by 10 to 12  grams. Refer to your nutritionist for further recommendations.
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