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Easy Weight Loss Meals

I want to lose weight, could you prescribe some Easy Weight Loss Meals
(May 28, 2008)

Easy Weight Loss Meals

Meals are reframed in such a way that they are easy to lose weight. Complete change of an individual's diet is nit essential. Slight modifications prove useful. Avoid high calorie foods in your meals such as whipped cream, lobster, margarine, butter, shrimp and lobster. Five to six meals prove more beneficial than three small meals.

Avoid refined and processed foods. Go in for whole grains, pulses and legumes.

Vegetables and proteins also contribute to complex carbohydrates in the diet. Loading your meals with vegetables as salad is effective. Make it a point to eat a vegetable along with green leaves. Sugar, corn syrup and fructose are better avoided. Honey is a good alternative. Try chewing your foods well. Forgoing your favourite food is not easy though possible. Reducing the intake of refine foods and sauces is helpful. These have a high content of salt, which results in water retention, thereby contributing to weight loss. Salt in the diet is reduced and replaced by spice and condiments. Vegetables contribute to the same amount of calories, as an equivalent amount of cooked cereals. Skimmed milk and related products are helpful. Deep fried foods are abstained from. Opt for boiling, steaming, microwave and pressure cooking as methods of cooking. 

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