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Effective Cardio For Weight Loss

We have some questions on Effective Cardio For Weight Loss. Will love to hear for you folks?
(May 28, 2008)

Effective Cardio For Weight Loss 

Effective Cardio For Weight LossA single cardio exercise is performed in a regular basis, for effective results. Bicycling, canoeing, boxing, running, skating, swimming, playing volleyball, water polo, basket ball and aerobics are all cardio vascular exercises. The duration of the activity is important in weight loss. In a set span of time, moving from one cardio exercise to the other is allowed. Working on a bicycle for 15 minutes can be replaced by 15 minutes in the elliptical trainer followed by the same time in treadmill.

The tread mill is recommended at the last span of your workout. This is referred to as interval cardio workout and is very effective for shedding the extra pounds. Cardio training is performed in two ways. They are high intensity cardio and slow and steady cardio. The former involves high intensity interval training for around half an hour. The metabolism is rejuvenated and high amount of calories are burnt. The latter comprises of low intensity, long duration training for an hour. It preserves the joints and burns the fat.

The top 10 cardio exercises that burn the most and is effective in weight loss are step aerobics, bicycling, swimming, racquetball, rock climbing, cross country skiing, running, elliptical trainer, rowing and brisk walking.

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