Health Benefits Of Chicken And Cholesterol Levels In Chicken

By | February 20, 2009

Cholesterol In Chicken And Broth Health Benefits

Is chicken a heart healthy diet? What is the amount of cholesterol in it? Please let me know other diet for heart health

In general, chicken is quite a healthy food. As a source of protein it is one of the best, as it contains very little fat compared to other sources of meat. However, the preparation of the chicken should of course be considered, as well as the type or parts of the chicken that are being consumed. For example, the skin is quite fatty, and should be avoided by people who need to control their intake of fats. Internal organs such as giblets and liver should also be avoided, as these are extremely high in cholesterol. Capons (castrated roosters) should also be avoided if you are trying to control your weight, as this meat is usually quite fatty. However, if you have a severe cholesterol problem, then chicken may not be good for you, as it contains a considerable amount of cholesterol, almost as much as red meat. If you suffer from heart disease and high cholesterol, you should simply ask your doctor about whether you can eat chicken. 100 grams of chicken will contain around 60 mg of cholesterol, and this may or may not be okay for you, depending upon how high your cholesterol is right now.

Chicken Health Facts

If you have heart disease and cholesterol, then you should probably stick to a diet that primarily consists of plant based foods. All meat contains some amount of cholesterol, and you should therefore avoid consuming too much meat. Red meat is of course particularly bad, while fish provides a number of benefits – for one, it contains high levels of omega 3 fatty acids, which are thought to have a positive effect on heart disease and cholesterol levels.

Plant foods on the other hand have either very little or no cholesterol, and you should therefore eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, as well as whole grain foods. The way these foods are prepared is of course important – avoid using too much oil, and if possible, use olive oil, as it is the healthiest. In general, you should cut down your intake of fats. Low fat options are available for almost every food today, including dairy products. Dairy products and legumes will be an important part of your diet, since your meat intake and therefore your protein intake will be limited.

Of course, in addition to your diet, you also need to exercise daily. However the type and frequency of exercise are things you will need to ask your doctor about.