Fight Toothache With Foods For strong Teeth

By | July 29, 2009

Toothache – Choose Smartly Which Foods To Eat?

For most people having a toothache is reminiscent of diet consisting of a couple of aspirins and a bowl of bland pudding. On the contrary, there are many foods you can opt for in the event of a painful tooth condition. There are several soft foods that can be used to spice up your diet, restrained by a mouth that is aching.
Baked potatoes are almost always an excellent choice for tender teeth. You also have the advantage of being able to use practically anything to go with baked potatoes to make them interesting.

Carrots, turnips, salsa, cooked beets, sauerkraut are some of the interesting food options that can be added to mashed or twice-baked potatoes to enhance their appeal. Soft sandwiches are another surefire hit. You can add fillings like cheese, egg salad, mashed sardines or even creamy peanut butter to crust-less or thin soft bread.

Another effective alternative, especially when catering to children, is to whip up a blend of milk, some oatmeal pre-soaked in milk, a huge scoop of ice cream, an egg beaten in it and a banana to boot. The concoction is rich in proteins and vitamins; contains fruit and the ice cream of course is an added bonus for the child.

Toothache Remedies For Toothache Cures

Dental health care is of great importance. In general, you must avoid eating or drinking foods that will aggravate the pain in your mouth. It is recommended to keep away from hot or cold foods or even foods which contain a lot of sugar and spices. Also avoid foods such as meat, fibrous vegetables and fruits that call for thorough mastication before swallowing. It is preferable to opt for soft foods and fluids at a comfortable temperature to obtain relief from the toothache.

Dentists suggest having plenty of fluids such as juices, teas, soda and even broth, after going through a dental surgery. Patients are requested not to drink any liquids using a straw as its suction action may affect the fresh clot. Once you feel comfortable with soft foods such as cottage cheese, spaghetti, eggs, fish and yogurt, these can be added to the diet.

It is critical to follow post – dental surgery advice, as it will not only help in preventing pain but also ensure that you avoid any infections. Eating does become complicated when your mouth is wired shut as a result of a broken jaw or due to surgery on the jaw. A lockdown of this nature can last up to six to eight weeks. In such cases, you can opt for milkshakes fresh fruit juices and canned protein supplements. It is advisable to have about 5 to 6 meals daily as it is not easy to drink large amounts of liquids at any given time.