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Cabbage Soup Diet

A diet plan is generally a radical change made by an individual with the aim of losing or gaining weight. The body weight of an individual is dependent on many different factors. These factors include height, weight, and gender. There are body weight charts that can describe the normal weight of an individual. It is always considered as healthy if an individual is around the normal weight range or slightly above it.

Any individual who is more than 10% overweight or more than 10% underweight is likely to be at risk when it comes to many different health issues over time. Excess weight is caused by excess fat accumulation in the body. This may happen because of an improper diet where food is consumed far in excess of the requirements of the body. Food that is consumed may also be unhealthy and this can cause further weight gain. A lack of exercise can also be blamed for excess body weight. When the body does not utilize its nutrition properly it will end up storing this in the form of fat. This is why exercise, particularly long duration exercise is important for an individual who wishes to lose weight.

When it comes to weight loss diets, there are many ‘fad’ diets that may be used by individuals. A ‘fad’ diet is one where the diet becomes extremely popular very quickly for reasons which aren’t always completely clear. Individuals following this type of diet usually swear by the diet and often suggest it to their friends. ‘Fad’ diets are almost always associated with some radical changes in the eating patterns of an individual or with the consumption of some odd combinations of food.

The cabbage soup diet is a ‘fad’ diet that has become quite popular. It involves the consumption of cabbage soup along with many other foods over a period of 7 days. This diet is very popular because it requires little effort on the part of the individual. The diet period is just 7 days and this is easy for most people to handle. The cabbage soup diet plan lasts for just 7 days and can be repeated over and over by an individual until the desired weight loss is achieved. There are many conflicting reports about the actual effect of the cabbage soup diet. Many researchers suggest that the diet does not actually help with weight loss whereas others suggest that there is solid science behind the cabbage soup diet.

There are many different versions of the cabbage soup diet recipe. The diet cabbage soup recipe however, will only contain vegetables and cannot contain any fat-based ingredients like butter, cheese, or oil. The essential ingredient cabbage must be included and the soup should be quite watery. There are many ingredients like tomatoes and beef stalk cubes that can be added to the soup for taste. The cabbage soup diet plan follows the 7 day regime as follows.

On all days, cabbage soup must be consumed. The first day includes as many fruits as the subject wishes to have. Bananas, however, are on the list of forbidden fruits for the first day of the diet. On the second day, the diet does not contain any fruit, but, instead, contains vegetables including potatoes. The third day of the diet features cabbage soup with all the fruits and vegetables that a person would like to have except for potatoes and bananas. The fourth day of the diet is when bananas are allowed. An individual is allowed up to 8 bananas on this day along with some milk. Beef and tomatoes are on the menu for the fifth day of the cabbage soup diet plan. On this day, up to ten ounces of beef can be consumed although many people will limit their consumption to far less than that. Beef continues to be on the menu for the sixth day in an unlimited amount. Vegetables are also permitted on this day but potatoes are not allowed. The final seventh day of the cabbage soup diet includes fruit juice, brown rice and vegetables without potatoes.

There are several reasons why doubts have been cast over the cabbage soup diet. The diet features almost no protein in its entire 7 day period. This is considered to be dangerous by some medical professionals. Many people feel tired and dizzy during the course of such a restrictive diet. The rapid nature of the diet and the weight loss makes it possible for the diet to be temporary as weight lost rapidly may be gained once the individual’s normal pattern of food consumption is resumed. This is very harmful to the body in the long term because rapid fluctuations in body weight can cause problems over the long term.

The miracle cabbage soup diet is known by many different names as well. There is no clarity on who came up with the recipe in the first place. The General Motors diet is quite similar to the cabbage soup diet as well. The cabbage soup diet may therefore be known by several different names and these differences in names may also be represented in the form of minor changes and tweaks in the recipe. Another problem with the cabbage soup diet is the inability to stick to healthy eating habits the day after the diet. The subject may choose to eat heavily on this day because he or she may feel starved. This can reverse some of the positive effects of the diet. Before trying the 7 day cabbage soup diet, the subject must have a normal health status and must not be suffering from any illness or disease. 


Does Cabbage Soup Diet Help To Lose Weight?

The cabbage soup diet is a highly restrictive diet that is used to lose weight. It actually starves the body of important nutrition which leads to fat being burned for energy. In theory this is good for weight loss. However, when using the cabbage soup diet for weight loss, one ends up in a situation where the body will suffer from some of the effects of a starvation diet. This will lead to a situation where the cabbage soup detox diet to lose weight actually ends up being temporary in its effect. This is because the resumption of a normal diet will lead to weight being added once again.
Submitted on January 16, 2014