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Count The Calories In Your Sugar Diet - Sugar Diet Information

High sugar can cause obesity and sugar products with high sugar density like jaggery, corn syrup should be strictly avoided. Tomato sauces also have high sugar content and high calories

A diet containing a high content of sugar is the quickest way to expose yourself to the dangers of obesity and related ailments. It is common knowledge that foods like cookies, candies, soft drinks, and ice creams have a high sugar content. Since this is common knowledge, these high sugar foods are avoided by people who are on a diet. Unfortunately, because of a lack of information, dieters often eat other natural food products which are also high in sugar content.
These high sugar natural foods however, have hidden calories which are unsuspectingly consumed by dieters.

Tips To Check Your Calorie Content Of Foods

To save yourself from this unfortunate mistake, you can check the nutrition labels before you buy something. Though there is a catch there, too. Reading labels might not always show sugar as a part of the food item. There are many different names for sugar that you might not know. If the term ‘sugar’ is absent, you might feel that the food item has no sugar. However fructose, dextrose, maltose, lactose, and glucose are all different sugars.

Honey, jaggery, corn syrup, sorghum and maple syrup are also all different sugar products and have a high sugar density. Sugar alcohol, a common additive in many everyday food items, also has significant amounts of sugar. Chewing gums, mints, and other mundane food stuff that we do not think twice about, contain these high caloric sugar alcohols. The common sugar alcohols that you should look out for while going through the nutritional labels are xylitol, maltitol, sorbitol, and mannitol.
Some of the foods that we eat daily also have surprisingly high amounts of sugar. We keep consuming these foods not knowing the actual nutritional value of the food. All tomato based foods like spaghetti, tomato ketchups, and other tomato based sauces are also high in sugar content. In addition to that there are fruit juices like orange juice, carrot juice, and cranberry juice that also have high amounts of fructose. Whole fruits therefore, owing to their natural fiber content, are a much healthier food option.

Surprisingly, even whole grains that are so widely recommended for weight loss contain as much as fifty percent sugar as synthetic sugars are added to them to enhance the flavor. Even artificial colors contain traces of sugars. Sugars are also added to soft drinks to add body to them. To increase the crispness of French fries served in a restaurant, sugar is added. Sugar is also present in many tobacco products for enhancing their flavor

Submitted on January 16, 2014