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How Many Calories In Raspberries?

Raspberries are very sweet and pleasant smelling fruits, with a velvety texture and a deep scarlet color. Raspberries belong to the rose family and have an excellent taste. They have a hollow core and consist of several small fruits that are seedless and are arranged neatly around a central hollow core. The calories in raspberries depend on the amount of raspberries you are consuming. The calories in raspberries (1 cup)are about 64. A serving of 10 medium-sized raspberries would offer about 10 calories.
The calories in raspberries are also dependent on the size of the raspberries. Fats contribute about 7 calories in raspberries for a serving of 1 cup of fruit. If you are consuming 10 medium-sized raspberries, you get 1 calorie per serving from fat. In a small cup of fruit, there is about 0.8 grams of fat. There is very little amount of saturated fat of about 0.02 grams in each of these servings. There is also 0.461 g of polyunsaturated fats and 0.07 g of monounsaturated fats. There is 0% cholesterol, 1 mg sodium, 186 mg potassium, and a total carbohydrate content of 14.69 grams.

Calories In Frozen, Stored Raspberry

Calories in raspberries that are fresh are different to those in frozen or stored raspberries. Canned or frozen raspberries are usually stored with added sugars, so the calorie content in them is more. The number of calories in raspberries in a 6 oz can is about 258, four times that of the fresh fruit. The calories in black raspberries are the same as that of fresh red raspberries. The nutrition in raspberries, both red and black, is also the same. Raspberries are rich in antioxidants and are therefore considered excellent for nutrition. They contain lots of soluble fiber and are low in calories, thus making for healthy snacking options. They also make excellent toping for puddings and other desserts. Raspberries are considered to be one of the richest sources of ellagic acid, a nutrient which is often sold as a nutritional supplement commercially. Ellagic acid is a natural tannin and an excellent antioxidant. This tannin is also present in black raspberries and other members of the berries family. Raspberries contain substantially more amounts of antioxidants than strawberries, blackberries, and kiwi fruits. Therefore, they can be an excellent way to boost health and increase immunity. The high amounts of antioxidants also make raspberries an excellent natural ingredient for cosmetic products as well.
Submitted on January 16, 2014