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Pizza Calories

The calories in a pizza depend largely on the kind of pizza you are having.  Home made pizza calories and pizza calories from regular restaurants differ as you can control what topping and base you use in a home made pizza. A home made pizza can be made with a wheat base and have only healthy toppings with less or no cheese or even low fat cheese. The pizzas which are ready made are made of white flour and processed foods which are unhealthy and are termed as “junk food” because of the high caloric content and excess fat in them.  If eaten on a regular basis this will cause a lot of health problems and obesity even among the young and this is why parents should avoid giving their children junk foods too often. If obesity sets in when one is very young it becomes even more difficult to get rid of it.

Cheese pizza calories:

Cheese pizza calories and white pizza calories are always high.

To keep a control over the calories it is always preferable to have wheat based pizzas and those with less of cheese content. A pizza slice is normally between 125 to 370 calories. If you are health conscious and would like to have a pizza with fewer calories you should choose one with a thin crust and with a meat or vegetable topping and less of cheese.

Pizza calories calculator

Pizza calories are calculated with the base as well as the topping and a rough calorie calculation would be around 240 calories for a slice of spinach pizza, 230 for a cheese pizza slice, 215 for a vegetable pizza, 350 for a meat pizza with a high pile of topping, 280 for a sausage one and 290 for a pepperoni pizza slice. To control the caloric content on your pizza you could ask for a special one with the kind of toppings you prefer and which would have lesser number of calories in it. Most of the pizza centers do have various options to offer their clients and this way you could make your pizza a lot healthier and with lesser calories and fat content.

Pizza calories slice: 

The pizza calories per slice and the pizza nutrition facts differ from one pizza to another. This would depend largely on the toppings and not just on the slice of the pizza. Some pizzas have larger slices as the circumference is bigger and smaller pizzas would have slices which are again smaller. A pizza with a vegetable topping would have a lot less calories than one with meat and extra cheese. Most people go for the meat pizzas and among these those with ham and bacon would have a higher fat content. No one can stay off junk food forever and it is alright to have a treat once in a way and to keep the portion small. Why give up all the good things and tasty food if you have no health problems and can afford to eat a small bit without jeopardizing your health. As pizza is a food which is preferred by the young they can work the calories off but should make sure that they compensate by having a healthy meal later.

Pizza calories fat

In a pizza it is the fat and sodium content which is not healthy and should be minimized. This is specially so when one is working towards loosing weight or has a health problem where in fat and sodium would react adversely or worsen the problem. A pizza has a much higher content of calories, sugar and fat than most other foods. This does not mean that one has to cut it out completely from our intake, instead you should find out ways of improvising the contents and making it healthier. Some ways of doing this with a pizza would be to ask for a low fat crust pizza which means it should have a thin crust. Say no to a sauce with a pesto base, cream and oil and just opt for the tomato sauce which has fewer calories and less fat. Another way to consume less number of calories is to have a smaller sized pizza so that your slice will also be smaller when compared to the larger pizzas. To try and cut down on the calories one could also opt for a salad with the pizza so that you do not over eat the pizza.

Pizza calories no cheese

Pizza calories with no cheese drastically reduces the fat and caloric content and added to this if the topping is also fat free and healthy then you have a pizza which is good food pizza and not a junk food one. Avoid red meats which have more of fat content and ask for lean meat pizzas or vegetarian ones. For a meat eater this may not serve the purpose as they definitely would prefer a meat one, so get yourself one with less fat content in the meat.

Thin crust pizza calories

Thin crust pizzas calories are a lot less than the thicker crust ones, as the thinner crust has a lot less fat content in it. The thicker the crust the more is the fat content in the dough and this puts up the number of calories also. If the outlet has wheat based pizzas this is healthier than any other white flour based one and has a lot less calories in it. However, even with a thin crust pizza one should avoid toppings which are rich in fat content like cheese, cream and oil and go for the ones which have light toppings. The only other way to cut down on the fat and calories is to have a really small helping of pizza just to satisfy the craving and opt for another dish to fill yourself with. A soup or salad would be ideal to counter balance these calories and stay within the limit you have set for yourself.

Submitted on January 16, 2014