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Alternative cancer treatments

Cancer is a dreaded disease that affects millions of people all over the world and the worst aspect of cancer is that it often exhibits no serious symptoms which make diagnosis even more difficult. The number of cancer cases has been rising in the last few decades and if it is not detected in time, it can be fatal. The exact cause for cancer is as yet unknown although there are certain habits that can increase an individual’s risk of cancer. Cancer is primarily treated through a surgery wherein the tumor and affected tissues are removed and this is then followed by chemotherapy sessions. However, there are a number of alternative cancer treatments available and include diet, exercise, certain herbs, chemicals, devices and so on.
These treatments, however, are not backed by evidence because a full test on the effectiveness of these methods is yet to be carried out. Moreover, there has been a lot of debate on whether these alternative treatments can cure cancer in the first place. However, they surely help in providing relief from the signs and symptoms that commonly include anxiety, fatigue, feeling of nausea and vomiting, a lot of pain, sleeping problems and stress to name a few. You need to know that these alternative cancer cures are not to be used instead of your medical treatment but are to be followed along with the doctor’s treatment. It is believed that an improper diet is one of the major reasons leading to cancer and thus, we should keep a tab on what we eat. There are a number of foods that one should eat in order to treat cancer or stay away from it and thus, can serve as natural cancer treatments. Some of these include tomatoes, red cabbage (raw), cooked beets, spinach, and garlic to name a few. Tomatoes are said to be very beneficial in treating cancer as they are said to prevent the occurrence of prostrate, lung, cervix and throat cancer as they are rich in vitamin C and consists of flavonoid lycopene that help to fight cancer.

Red cabbage and beets are also very good as they contain a lot of anti cancer flavonoids and are also high in calcium. Exercises are very useful to get rid of the symptoms of cancers and help to ease your condition. You can even try yoga, meditation and a few relaxation techniques in case you experience fatigue, vomiting, feelings of nausea, or anxiety. If you decide to take up yoga, you should ensure that your instructor is a person who often works with people who have health issues especially a disease like cancer. Also, avoid doing yoga poses that place a lot of stress on the body. Exercises that you do should not be very strenuous but moderate to low such as swimming or walking. No matter what alternative treatment you decide on, it is best that you consult your doctor and take his opinion. Acupuncture has proved to ease out some of the symptoms of nausea once a person has undergone chemotherapy. Incase of acupuncture, a practitioner inserts small needles into the skin at certain pressure points in the body. Aromatherapy primarily makes use of essential oils and enables to relax and calm your mind and thus helps you get rid of your stress, pain and sleeping problems. Music therapy is one of the alternative cancer therapies and is very effective in helping a person to de-stress and remain calm and focused. It is carried out by a trained music therapist who conducts various sessions with you that involves listening to music, singing songs, playing instruments or even writing lyrics. Ta chi is also an alternative healing for cancer and is a type of exercise wherein you breathe deeply while performing a few gentle movements.   

Submitted on January 16, 2014