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Anti cancer diet

There are various different foods that comprise an anti cancer diet. One can go to various websites or even to dedicated dieticians to get some help and some advice on learning about anti cancer diet foods and drinks. Some of the most important foods that prevent cancer and are recommended by most dieticians include the following foods.

The main anti cancer diet foods that a person can start of with will include most oily fish. Oily fish is known to contain lots of vitamin A which is needed in fighting and resisting most kinds of cancer. There have been numerous studies and numerous researches that have been carried out which substantiate this particular theory.
Oily fish like the herring, salmon, and mackerel are found to top this list of oily fish which are needed as part of any kind of cancer patient’s diet routine. Thus some of the most crucial anti cancer diet recipes includes eating those fish foods which have high levels of omega 3 fatty acids and also are found to be anti carcinogenic. However a person needs to eat lots of this fish. It is found that almost a kilo of this oily fish has to be eaten to obtain about 1000 mgs. Thus it is recommended by most specialists and dieticians that one must concentrate on anti cancer nutrition. Fish oil is known to plenty of Vitamin D which is vital for any person fighting against cancer. Some of the other foods that prevent cancer include apricots, peppers, pumpkins and carrots. A cancer prevention diet entails the patient eating plenty of vegetables which help in providing carotenoids. Some of these are includes the beta carotene. Once these enter the human body they get converted into Vitamin A which is needed by cancer patients in fighting against the disease. Some great anti cancer diet recipes include a judicious mix of vegetables which include a cup full of carrot, two large size sweet potatoes, about 17 to 20 dried apricots, 3 to 4 hand full of freshly plucked red cherries and some beet root. These together will help in giving the cancer patient about 25 mgs. However one should note that all these different food products should be consumed separately. Some of these vegetables can be combined to make a very healthy and tasty drink.

Apples are known to contain an ingredient known as quercitin whereas beet root is known to contain an ingredient called as anthocyanins. These are defined by the specialists as great cancer fighting ingredients and when added to one’s diet regularly they can help a person hugely.  Another known great food item that is part of the anti cancer diet which helps is red peppers. Red peppers are considered to be among the main cancer fighting diet foods and are a great source of the Vitamin C. The Vitamin C doses, aid in strengthening the patient’s immune cells besides also helping in neutralizing all the bad toxins in the cancer patient’s body. Broccoli, carrot and papaya are among the great cancer resistant foods. Sunflower seeds also are known to be very high in the vitamin E and in zinc. Vitamin C is known to help zinc in working on the body and is also known to hasten the body’s healing time. Oysters are also known to be among the anti cancer foods and also is milk.  Studies have indicated that pumpkin seeds are among the vital cancer prevention foods. The patient can add a hand full of sunflower seeds to their daily meal during the morning along with some bran or wheat cereals to aid in getting the vital vitamin E supplements.

Submitted on January 16, 2014