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The graviola or the fruit from this tree which is also known as Soup sop is considered by many to be a natural killer of cancer cells. It is found growing deep in the jungles of the Amazon. It is also found growing on some of the Caribbean islands. This tree is found to produce a fruit that is delicious to taste and which is consumed hugely by the indigenous people. The leaves and the fruit of this graviola plant is very often used in the making of some of the traditional medicine and herbs which are used for sedative And tranquillizing properties.
Various researches and tests have been done some of which show that graviola has anti parasitic, anti viral, anti cancer and anti potent properties. The trials have been done mainly on laboratory rats and hence the effect of the graviola cancer cure on a human is not entirely known. Some key questions asked are does graviola supplements work well as compared to eating the actual fruit, or what is the ideal graviola dosage to be taken or how often should this be taken and also for how long and also are there any graviola side effects which possibly do not show up for many months or even years? All these questions are still being researched and do not have answers to them. Some suggest that taking breaks while consuming these graviola extracts might be advisable.

These products along with Paw Paw have been considered by many to help in killing the cancer cells. The way Paw Paw works is that it blocks the ATP production and in this way reduces the voltage of cancer cells till where they fall apart. This is also known as programmed cell death or even apoptosis. Both these products of graviola and also Paw Paw are found to help in building one’s immunity. These treatments as a cancer drug are still fairly new and can really be found on the internet. Graviola is said to have the single ring compounds. Since Paw Paw and graviola are considered to be so similar, it is said that since Paw Paw works in stopping or slowing down the ATP production so also will graviola. This will thus help immediately in lowering the cell voltage. When it is found that the ATP level falls and along with that the energy of all the cells level, then there is a drop to a critical level such that the cells falls apart. Paw Paw and graviola are both found to hugely enhance any effectiveness of any other alternative cancer treatments. Pregnant women are advised against taking Paw Paw and hence since the link between these and graviola is strong, consuming graviola when pregnant is also advised against. It has been found by many studies that have been done that Paw Paw  could attack some of the rapidly growing cells found in the fetus as the high energy cells that needs to be attacked. Also some of the fast growing cells in one’s fetus can also show similarities to cancer cells and hence should be avoided by pregnant women totally. Similarly some theories suggest that graviola may exhibit the same behavior patterns and hence should also be avoided. It may also gravitate towards the intestinal system and the lining of the digestive tract. Studies and research have also not been able to indicate which antioxidants may possibly conflict with the graviola. People suffering from Parkinson’s disease are also advised against taking graviola or Paw Paw. People who are sensitive to certain foods may also suffer from allergic reactions to graviola.

Submitted on January 16, 2014